Review for Fleeting Fires by Nadege Richards!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

“…If I’m going to do anything at all, if I’m going to promise and swear it on the last bit of sanity this world allows me, Echo, I’m going to risk it all on you. I want to give you a forever.”

My heart was heavy from the very beginning of this book. I was holding the last installment of this trilogy and I pushed it aside as much as I could so I didn’t have to see it end. But… as you can see. I am now writing a review which means… I have finished it. This is such a bittersweet moment for me…
This book started amazingly. Nadege became a favorite author of mine as soon as I read the first book in this trilogy and I’m happy to say that she didn’t disappoint me once. She created such memorable characters that went through hell in order to do what was best for their people. They endured things nobody should ever endure and for that, I think the world of them. The plot line was intriguing all the way and had me flipping the pages in anticipation of more even when I wanted to slow down.
Let’s talk about my favorite character,(besides Echo) Ayden… The man that we begun this journey with alongside Echo. The man that has been given his own POV in every one of these books and managed to captivate me and leave me weak in the knees at every turn of the page. In my eyes, Ayden is P.E.R.F.E.C.T. In every meaning of the word. I don’t care about the bad things he has done because he makes it up to us (an Echo, of course) tenfold. The words that fell out of his mouth were utterly hypnotizing. I melted so much at them that I was afraid I would permanently turn into a puddle. His every word, every action, his motivation and reason for fighting, were all in the name of those he loves. To be loved by Ayden is a miracle and a feat I wish I were a part of… I just can’t believe he doesn’t exist in this world. (It’s completely unfair, Nadege!)
Ayden and Echo are one of the most perfect couples I have ever read about. I rarely stand behind a coupling as forcefully as I did this one. THeir every challenge was mine and their every joyful victory was mine as well. Nadege hit the lottery with this coupling. She created a formidable bond between two formidable characters that will be the light in my life forever and always. I was honestly in awe of Echo. How she managed to not faint at the perfection that is Ayden will forever be beyond me.
Now for the important question… where is MY Ayden?
There was a character that a part of me will never forgive Nadege for introducing me to… and his name is Kahl. Oh, how he tore my heart to pieces. This man… I have no words. I can’t describe what he did (and still does) to me. My heart was owned completely by Ayden since the very beginning but Kahl gave me a run for my money in the most agonizing of ways. Let’s just say that I wish there were a parallel universe where I could keep him. I miss him so much already. And everybody else for that matter.
There was one revelation I saw coming miles away but other than that, Nadege threw stuff at me that I did not see coming. Like some surprise POV’s! There was action, betrayal, tears, anger and lots of love. So many things happened and I am immensely proud of how this trilogy ended. Nadege gave us the perfect ending and I just want to reread it for the rest of my life because of how bubbly it made me inside.
And for a second quote (something I rarely do) to end this fantastic and memorable trilogy…
“You can live in the now and make it worthwhile, make of it what you wish and lock it away in the deepest of hearts, and no matter how far, no matter how long… every moment, every kiss, and every smile remains the same. A portrait of forever.”

5/5 stars!


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