Review for Beaten by Rebekah Rue!


*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review*

Oh, boy. Where do I start? Jesus… Ok.

I read this three days ago, in one sitting, and I still feel as heartbroken and ‘beaten’ as I did the moment I flipped the last page. This book took away a huge piece of me that I know I will never get back. It is by far the BEST book I have read this month and one of the best of the YEAR. This book… it has successfully left me hollow, a sad excuse of a functioning human being. I should’ve known I would be feeling exactly like the girl on the cover. Foreshadowing in it’s most agonizing way.
Rebekah is a debut author (I know, WHAT?!) and this book has forever made her a favorite author of mine. Even if I will never forgive her for the fact that she gave me something so incredibly precious to believe in and yanked it away from me without warning.
I went into this book without knowing ANYTHING except the title and the main character’s name. So, you see my surprise and utter grief when she slams me with a GIANT curb-ball that will forever leave me raw and exposed. I can’t even think about the details of what she did without busting out in shoulder-shaking sobs. Rebekah completely betrayed my trust but to be fair, that’s exactly what I look for in an amazing author. I felt like she forced me to give up on something I worked so incredibly hard to achieve.
Everything I do and see reminds me of this book. Every song I listen to reminds me of the betrayal I had to go through in order to review this. I was feeling so destroyed that I didn’t even want to keep reading. I was actually considering it but didn’t feel it fair to the author… or me. I can’t not finish a book. I wanted to put it away and hold on to the first half of the novel and completely forget the last part.
This book is told in Lo’s (the main character) perspective and Talon, a street racer.
Lo: I liked her a lot. I could feel her loneliness and pain as if it were my own. She went through tragedies that nobody should go through and I respected her for trying to overcome them.
Talon: Oh, sweet Talon. Talon’s one of the rawest male POV’s I’ve stumbled upon and by far my favorite. I fell madly in love with him. His character development was utter perfection. It gave me so much hope and for that, he earned my complete respect as well. It warmed me up inside and not just because he was full of sexual tension. Holy, gods the sexual tension. It was through the roof! If I wasn’t crying, I was fanning myself from all the heat.
Anyway, my heart is completely heavy with disappointment. Not at the book. The book was perfect in a painful way. I’m disappointed at one of the character’s actions. That character had my respect and they threw it all away. Not once, but repeatedly. I don’t know how I will ever get over this feeling but I shall continue this series nonetheless.
This book has some explicit content so I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t over the age of 18.

6/5 stars!


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