Book Mail: Week 10 (11/16/15-11/22/15)

These are all the books I got in the mail last week(:

All of them are review copies, unless stated otherwise, so the author’s Instagram pages will be linked to their names (if found):

On 11/16/15 I received:


A Godless Love by Brenda Thornlow

Genre: Romance

Synopsis [HERE]

Other reviews I have for this author:  [My Life as I Knew It]

On 11/17/15 I received:


An ARC of Beaten by Rebekah Rue

Genre: NA/Romance

Synopsis [HERE]

My review for Beaten can be found [HERE]

On 11/20/15 I received:


Under Ground and Losing Ground by Alice Rachel

Genre: YA Dystopian/Romance

Synopsis for Under Ground [HERE]

Synopsis for Losing Ground (novella) [HERE]

On 11/21/15 I received:


An envelope full of bookmarks of Elise Kova’s third book, Earth’s End!

I requested these from her since I am part of her Street Team(: I will be giving these out to Little Free Libraries around my city and I am so excited! Some lucky people will be finding these in some books!

Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance

My review for book one, Air Awakens, can be found [HERE]

My review for book two, Fire Falling, can be found [HERE]


An ARC of Dark Divinity, book two in the Cursed series, by Amy Braun. She was amazing enough to include a postcard and a bookmark!

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Expected Publication: 12/1/15!

I have read and reviewed two of her previous books before and I am so excited to start this one! Her books are some of my absolute favorites! Especially since they revolve around Demons and Angels, my favorite!

My review for Demon’s Daughter, book one in the Cursed series, can be found [HERE]

My review for Path of the Horseman can be found [HERE]

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic


Midnight Falls, book three in the Sky Brooks Series, by McKenzie Hunter

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal

I have read and reviewed the previous two books in this series and the characters in this series have become some of my favorites! I can’t wait to get back into this world!

My review for book one, Moon Tortured, can be found [HERE]

Synopsis [HERE]

My review for book two, Darkness Unchained, can be found [HERE]

That’s it for this last week’s book mail and I hope you enjoyed it! I would like to thank each and every one of the authors mentioned above! I can’t wait to start on these wonderful books! Make sure to show them all the love they deserve for being so giving(:


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