Review for Say Nothing… by T.A. Roth!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

YES!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, yes!!! I have been waiting for this precious sequel since May!! Can you guys believe it?!
Oh boy, as soon as Roth sent me the file yesterday, I dropped everything I was doing and picked this up instead. I read this in one sitting since I couldn’t tear my eyes away. My Thanksgiving was spent in this world and I regret nothing. The first book left in an explosive cliffhanger and I was going insane without this follow up. So, let me tell you why I love this series so much.
We get alternating POV’s between Ari and Ben. (One of the best couples ever created if you ask me.) They are both Latinos and I LOVE that. I’m a Latina myself and it’s so heartbreaking to see that not many books touch on that. But, that’s where Roth comes in. Ah!!! I just love that I can understand the humor in Spanish AND English. Ari’s family is hilarious and I enjoyed watching their interactions a lot. One of Ari’s cousins reminded me so much of one of mine and I automatically loved her even more.
I also loved the lanterns in the beginning of each chapter! I kept smiling whenever I saw them since they were such a unique touch.
Due to the cliffhanger from the first book, I was a nervous mess throughout this entire thing. I felt sick to my stomach and just kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. I can’t believe we get a third POV from time to time of a certain … someone. I won’t give anything away. You all need to read this to find out who I’m talking about. Just know, that I hate him.
Anyway, I was a sobbing mess by the end. That epilogue spoke so intensely to me and showed me a depth into Ben’s and Ari’s relationship that I will forever hope to experience myself. These two… I have no words for how happy they make me feel. They are one of my most favorite couples yet. The hardships they endured … they made me sad. I completely hated seeing them fight and it broke my heart that there was such a big secret between them.
I am so, so happy to have finally read this and I can’t wait to continue Vonne’s story!!
This book can be triggering and it isn’t intended for readers younger than 18 years old.

5/5 stars!

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