Review for Words Get in the Way by Nan Rossiter


“What do you say, after your heart has been broken, to the the one who broke it?”

I found this book in my nearest Dollar Tree and as soon as I skimmed the synopsis, I knew I had to get it. I am in love with stories where one of the characters goes back to the place they used to live and encounter an old love. I really enjoyed this book but it didn’t knock me out of the park.
The main character,Callie, is a mom to a child who suffers from autism and this story follows her and her struggle as she tries to understand her child better. I loved her son, he had his own quirks and the fact that he’s silent didn’t take away from that. I also loved the male protagonist, Linden. I was excited when I found out that we would get both POV’s: Callie’s and Linden’s.
The chapters were short which helped me read this in one sitting. Also, Nan had a way to add many little details that shape our day to day experiences and it helped me this of this as not a novel, but a realistic story that is actually happening as I read it.
This was a sweet and easy read and I enjoyed Nan’s writing a lot. I would honestly keep reading more of Callie and Linden, they were just too adorable and definitely perfect for each other. I didn’t give this more than 3 stars because like I said, I wasn’t really wow’d and there were many unnecessary exclamation marks that threw me off. There were some unanswered questions as well and I felt cheated from that information. All in all, I really enjoyed this.

3/5 stars.


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