Book Mail: Week 11 (11/23/15-11/29/15)

These are all the books I got in the mail last week(:

All of them are review copies, unless stated otherwise, so the author’s Instagram pages will be linked to their names (if found):

On 11/23/15 I received:


A copy of the new, re-released cover of Frey by Melissa Wright and 44 bookmarks, 8 signed!

Part of these bookmarks are donations for the live event I am sponsoring next month! (Bibliobules Bookish Wonderland 2015]

Genre: YA Fantasy/Romance

Synopsis: [HERE]


One copy of Angelology by Danielle Trussoni

This was a gift by my amazing bookstagram friend, Sarah! She knew I had book 2 in this series so she was generous enough to send me book 1! I didn’t take a picture because I have horrible lighting now:/

Genre: Paranormal

Synopsis: [HERE]

On 11/24/15 I received:


Another copy of Angelology by Danielle Trussoni. Sarah and I don’t know what happened here since she only paid for ONE order… who knows LOL.

On 11/25/15 I received:


2 copies of The Diary of Lying Lovers by Rose Ventresca

(One of these copies is a donation for the Live Event as well!)

Genre: YA Romance

On 11/27/15 I received:


An ARC of Beyond the Red by Ava Jae

Expected Publication: March 1st, 2016

Genre: YA SciFi


Booklets and wristbands by the always amazing, Sophia Henry! All of these are also donations for the Bibliobules live event!

Thank you so, so much to everybody that sent me a book this past week! You all give me too many smiles and something to always look forward to! Please show these amazing and generous people lots of love. It’s the least they deserve(:

Also, if you live in California I would love to meet you! Make sure to check out the live event I am sponsoring next month! There will be book signing, photo booth, socializing, food, drinks, and so much more! I will be selling exclusive bookmarks there as well(:






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