Review for Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira


Wow, okay. I didn’t expect the entirety of this to be told in ONLY letters. I thought they were going to be scattered into the story but boy was I wrong.

I love chapters.

I didn’t know how much until I stumbled upon this book that doesn’t have them. I love knowing how many chapters I have read a day and this book threw me completely off. Because of the letters, it was difficult to fully get into this book from the start.
I still don’t know what got in my way and prevented me from connecting to the main character. I think it was just that, the main character.  I could relate to parts of her story and I expected to empathize with her because of that, yet, I felt her… bland. I felt like the main character was completely plain and didn’t develop into the person she was supposed to.
Sky was a wonderful addition to his story. He was the reason I kept turning the pages, not Laurel.
This book is full of damaged people and dark topics. Something that I didn’t want to read at this moment considering I’m in a slump and wanted a quick read. This book did succeed in making me tear up (mostly Sky) but it wasn’t enough to make me give it 4 stars. Many things were extremely obvious from the start and I love a book to surprises me.

This book didn’t.


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