Review for The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

This was my first by Melissa and I’m sad to say I wasn’t really blown away by it.It was tremendously dark, which I don’t mind but it was too quick of a read to absorb any of it. It is less than 100 pages and it was a little… lacking. I am a quality over quantity reader but this time, the length did get in the way of my experience. I wasn’t able toΒ connect with the characters and most of the time, I didn’t really know what was happening. It also moved too fast for me and I think I got whiplash because of it.
I wasn’t a fan of the frequent internal dialogue at all. It overshadowed the main story and I didn’t like it. It took me a second to figure out who exactly the internal dialogue belonged to.
All in all, this was an interesting plot line but would’ve loved to have read it as a full-length novel.

2/5 stars


2 responses to “Review for The Snow Killer by Melissa Holden

  1. Thank you for being so honest, Cassandra. I will confess: I completely agree with you. It’s too short and it’s a bit confusing at times. But it was very supposed to be a novel. It’s just a novella with a lot in it. Thanks again for taking the time to read and review my first novel! I have a feeling you would prefer “Searching For Katherine” haha. – M. HOLDEN X

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