Review for Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell!


“Real life was something happening in her peripheral vision.”

This was the first book I have ever read by Rainbow Rowell and…. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!
I am now a Rainbow fan for life. This book was incredibly hilarious, heart-warming, and heart-breaking. I was blown away by how unique and fresh these characters were to me. It is always a gold mine for a book nerd. This book definitely delves deeper into what it means to be a fangirl and I loved every second of it. Every moment I wasn’t reading this book, I was thinking about these characters and missing them with my entire being. I am still missing them badly and it was been a couple days since I finished this. I definitely see the reason behind all the hype around this author and I am so glad to finally be a part of it!
I formed a connection with Cath almost the instant she was introduced. Not because she’s a fangril, but because she’s a writer. This book spoke so incredibly deeply to my writing soul that it was mind-blowing how accurate Rainbow described it all.
I am absolutely obsessed with Simon Snow now. Rainbow managed to throw in not one, but TWO worlds to completely fall in love with in this novel. I was equally obsessed with what was happening in Simon’s world as much as Cath’s. I am so glad I have Carry On in my hands because I would be going crazy without it. Carry On has turned into HIGHLY anticipated TBR book thanks to this novel.
I loved the Spanish thrown into this book. I am a Latina and it is always a pleasure to see parts of my heritage inside a book. It never gets old and I just noticed that I can’t seem to run out of things to love about Rowell!
I also ship Levi and Cath so freaking hard that it hurts. Whenever they fought, it tore my heart apart. Every single time Levi spoke… I was putty in his hands. It grew to be too much for me that I might have stopped breathing from time to time. I constantly found myself in Cath’s shoes and letting his words caress my soul as it did her. It was hard not to.
If you are late into the Rowell bandwagon like I was then I suggest you fix that soon. This woman is amazing and I need to own all of her books!!

5/5 stars!


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