My first book event: Bookish Wonderland!

As many of you know (if you have been following me on Instagram) I recently went to my first live book event! This event was hosted by the amazing staff behind Bibliobules. It turned out to be a more intimate event; food, drinks, socializing, and book signing all in one. But no complaints here, I loved it more because of it. I had a chance to meet and socialize with ALL of the attending authors instead of working against time. I bought a couple books but most were won in the generous giveaways that were hosted throughout the day. Without further ado, let’s meet the authors!

The first author I talked to was the beautiful Julie Prestsater!

I read her book, Against the Wall, back in March when I used to have a tablet and I absolutely loved it! That book made me a Julie fan for life. In the back of the book, there was a teaser for Tell Me You Love Me and I actually read it (I usually don’t) and fell in love with the book right then and there.  I didn’t have a job so I spent months saving up enough money to buy the physical copy.  So, I finally got the book and I devoured it! It was my first firefighter romance and Julie made me obsessed with them. The main character is struggling with her weight and a loveless marriage and her struggle is engraved deep in my heart to this day. Now, imagine the freak out session I had when I heard that Julie was going to be at the event. I almost fainted, no joke. So I did what any other book lover would do. I took my copy of Tell Me You Love Me with me in order for her to sign!

Martha, author of Breathe In and Breathe Out, broke the ice for us and I couldn’t be more grateful. Julie turned out to be an incredible sweetheart! The love she has for her fans shone in her and it was an incredible treat. Before leaving the booth, she gave me a lot of book swag in order to give away in my blog.

(I acquired LOADS of swag so expect many giveaways from me in the future.)

The second author I visited was the amazing sister duo, Melanie Shawn!

I went up to look at the beautiful books they had in display and started talking with them effortlessly. They were so incredibly sweet and funny that I almost teared up by the end. We had an amazing conversation about their cover models and their books in general, and I told them how much I loved the book I read by them, Someday Girl, back in May. (My review for Someday Girl can be found HERE) Funny story, I didn’t even know I was looking at that book until I read the title at the bottom. The books went through cover changes and although I miss the old covers, I still love these! Melanie Shawn signed all 3 they had and in the end they sold all of them to me at an amazing discount. That was a big deal for me since I didn’t have enough money to pay full price for them. These two were so sweet that it was sad leaving their booth to talk to other authors. I took a couple pens to add to my giveaways!

Next up, I went to talk to Melissa A. Hansen!

She is the author of A Healing Heart and A Healing Spirit. She was so sweet and I bought the first book because I have seen it around Instagram days before the event. I can’t wait to read it! We talked about the inspiration behind her second book and I loved the insight she gave me. She signed the book for me and let me take swag for more giveaways!

Next, I went to talk to the fabulous Elisa Marie Hopkins!

Elisa and I have spoken on Instagram with our mutual friend, Martha, and have become amazing friends since. She is a hilarious and beautiful human being and I was excited to finally meet her at this event as well. She is a Bibliobules co-host and I loved hanging out with her! She let me take more swag that will definitely make it into future giveaways.

The last author I met was the wonderful Jan Moran!

She was incredibly sweet as well and I kept looking over at her booth. It was so beautiful! I’m sad I didn’t take pictures of the decorated booths but take my word for it, they were all gorgeous! Jan and I had conversations about her books and she had me when she mentioned there was a “hot chef” in one of them. I was pretty excited by then and made a mental note to add her book to my tbr. BUT, before I left her booth she signed the first two books in her Hostile Beauty series and gave them to me. Yes, she gave them to me for FREE! This woman is so incredible, I can’t wait to read her book and meet that hot chef!

No, that’s not all of it. Like I mentioned before, there were giveaways being announced throughout the day and I ended up winning a lot. Mostly are thanks to my guests who let me choose stuff whenever they won(:

And as advertised in my social media, I had my own table where I was selling the bookmarks I made. I sold way more than I thought I would and for that I am so incredibly thankful. I would like to thank my brother (right) and his friend (left) for all of the help they lent the event in setting up and me with my sales. I had the most amazing of times and I can’t wait to do it again! Even if we were all sleep deprived, it was all worth it in the end.


(Picture was taken by My Own Bookshelves, another attendee)

Thank you to everybody I mentioned in this post and I can’t wait to hang out with all of you again! Especially the hosts: Martha, Tom, & Elisa!

Martha, you are an incredible woman and it was an absolute pleasure and honor to have finally met you after speaking to you through Instagram.  If it wasn’t for your generosity, I wouldn’t have been able to attend my first book event with all of you! I owe you a lot. Here is to our wonderful friendship and many more smiles!


There were many great laughs and conversations that still make me smile to this day! (I just noticed I forgot to take a selfie with Tom, I’m sorry Tom! Next time for sure!)


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