Review for Midnight Falls by McKenzie Hunter!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
These books are going to be the death of me. No, scractch that. McKenzie is going to be the death of me. That woman is cruel to me and my fangirl abilities. I mentioned in previous reviews that all of the male characters are intensely perfect candidates for Sky to be with but that I handed the reigns over to McKenzie because shipping just one of them with her was too hard… but GAH!!!!
The main man I shipped Sky with from the very beginning is brutal and amazing and he was so close to fulfilling my fantasy!! He is the most beautiful and incredible enigma I have ever come across with and is my weakness. I need to keep him for myself. I need him even though I know he is horrible as a love interest. Horrible because love interests will always come second, maybe even third, to everything else in his life… We saw a side of him that we haven’t seen before and it just made me fall harder for him. I won’t mention names here but just know that McKenzie gave me a taste of an amazing ship sailing but yanked it away from me before I could be happy about it. I feel betrayed McKenzie!
Anyway, this world is so freaking addicting that I can’t take it! I tried pacing myself with this book and it was the hardest thing to do. The moment I cracked open its beautiful spine, the real world was cut off and I was in Sky’s shoes. Not that I’m complaining, she has more than a couple hunky men in her life. All of them are completely different from each other, in so many ways, and it’s hard not to be in love with every single one. I know I focus a lot on the men but I’m not sorry. It’s just that this series is the ONE series that gives me so many incredible men to choose from and my heart refuses to choose just one. (Like you all know by now.)
Men aside, this plot is as fantastic as they come. We see how intricate the magic world can get and how it’s never just black and white. This is the most complex world I have had the pleasure of reading about and I have learned not to judge the characters solely on their actions. I love every single one of them, even the ones that look and really are evil. I embrace all of their darkness and just hope for the best.
There were new characters introduced to us and I am loving everything McKenzie is throwing our way. Some plot twists that went on are still breaking me because I feel something horrendous coming and I know I can’t stop it…
I felt this book to be a bit slower than the other two but like I said, still incredibly addicting. Sky’s character development is still happening and I can’t wait to see more of it. And that CLIFFHANGER!! I need more McKenzie, please!

4.5/5 stars!

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