Review for Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo!


So, FINALLY, after seeing these beautiful books around every crook and cranny of bookstagram, I am now on the Leigh Bardugo boat!
This book was… wow. I am reading the books by Leigh with an incredible group of ladies and I have been enjoying their discussion so much.
The first half of the book was okay, nothing incredibly amazing happened but it was very intriguing nonetheless. There’s always an amazing feeling when you’re trying to get your surroundings of a new world.
Another slight flaw I found was that it focused mainly on only a handful of characters. So much was happening to them that the other characters were shoved aside, and were ‘background noise,’ like one of my buddy readers said. They were easily forgotten and when they were re-introduced, I needed a moment to figure out where they were from. I wish Leigh would have focused on them too since this is in third person, but maybe she will in the next books. I hope.
With that said, what had me giving this books 5 stars were those last few chapters… That terrible emotional roller coaster appeared out of nowhere!!!!! I was sobbing like nobody’s business by the last two and it was a horrible sight. My heart was utterly betrayed and broken. I still can’t believe the book took the turn it did but for the sake of an amazing plot twist, I shall deal with it.
I am still incredibly fascinated with this world and everybody in it but it’s still not right that it tore me apart like it did. I was so captivated by this world that I had to force myself away from the book once I had read the day’s chapters the ladies and I agreed on. It was torture! I needed to know more about the world and as soon as possible.
One thing I loved was how I formed an opinion about all of the characters from the very beginning of the book but my emotions drastically changed into the opposite once the last few chapters hit me. I went through my very own emotional development and it was insane.

5/5 stars!


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