Review for The Crown of Bones by Jocelyn A. Fox!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
This is a bittersweet moment for me. I am so glad to have read more of the world but I am also sad that I finished it. I always find myself missing this world the second I am stop reading about it. The characters are even more incredible than the last book, The Iron Sword, and I can’t get enough of them.
I must bow down to Tess, she is growing to be quite the powerful character and I love it! Her character development is pretty spectacular and I enjoy following her around this magical world immensely. The relationships she builds in this book are pretty amazing and I loved meeting so many new characters. I swear, they seem so real that I find myself heartbroken when I remind myself that they aren’t.
I was incredibly irritated with Finn for most of this book. I know, I understand why he’s the way he is but UGH!!!!! I still wanted to reach into the pages and slap him around a couple times. He would definitely intercept me before I made contact but… I still want to do it. I got intense whiplash because of him and that wasn’t fun.
Talking about male characters, cue in Luca! At first I didn’t really believe that he could be a love interest for Tess but… I was converted before the end of the book. I love Luca!! And because I am super irritated at Finn, I stand behind Luca and Tess full force!! That man (Luca) is something fierce and I seriously want to see a relationship develop between those two… Oh, do I. Please Jocelyn! My heart needs that romance!
For the negative comments: I found some of the conversations to be a little too repetitive. I understand why they were repeated but I honestly didn’t need to read the same thing over five times. This happened with quite a few conversations, not just one. I also saw a main plot twist coming a million miles away which was sad but others hit me unexpectedly.
I am so in love with this series!! Despite the massive size of these books, once I open them, I devour them greedily. Jocelyn, I need more of your world!! I am dying here!


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