Book Mail: Weeks 14 & 15 (12/14/15-12/27/15)

Since the month swept by me so incredibly fast, I am including two weeks worth of book mail in one post!

All of the authors and friends will be linked to their Instagram accounts (if found):

On 12/18/15 I received:


Say Nothing by T.A. Roth plus some chocolates and some book swag! I have already read and reviewed this book so you can find both reviews below!

Genre: NA Romance

Reviews for this author [Say Something][Say Nothing]


Three bookish cards from my amazing and wonderful bookstagram friend, Sarah! She completely surprised me with these and I can’t wait to frame them and she also included the sweetest note on the back of one(:

On 12/19/15 I received:


The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart by Mathias Malzieu. This was part 2 of my birthday/holiday gift from my incredible bookstagram friend, Sandra!!!! She knew that I loved the movie with my entire being and she surprised me with a hardcover copy of the book… She knew how much I wanted it and got it for me. It is so beautiful, I am so obsessed!! I am so in love with this story and everybody else should read/watch it at least once in their lifetime. It is so underrated but that is part of its magic!

(Part 1 of this gift was Winter by Marissa Meyer!)


And I also received a beautiful holiday card from my amazing author friends, Martha and her husband, Thomas! I know this isn’t a book but it came from authors so it deserves to be added here!

on 12/21/15 I received:

A beautiful birthday gift by my even more beautiful author friend, E.J. Mellow! She got me a notebook with skulls on them (YES!!) for my writing and a cute bat pin that says “Not a Morning Person.” She knows me so well!

On 12/22/15 (MY BIRTHDAY!) I received:


Lost by D.M. Thornton!

On 12/23/15 I received:


Blightlore by Krista Walsh. This is the second book in the Cadis Trilogy. My review for the first book, Bloodlore, will be down below!

Genre: Fantasy

Review: [Bloodlore]

On 12/24/15 I received:


My first online Book Outlet order! These three book wouldn’t be in my possession without my amazing bookstagram friend, Eileen! She surprised me with a Barnes & Noble eGift card for my birthday and it definitely made my entire day!

On 12/16/15: I received:


9 books from Book Outlet! These were also a birthday gift from a friend of mine, Albert! I met him through my brother and he was kind enough to give me a gift card, which as you can see, bought me all of these beauties!

I want to thank everybody mentioned in this post from the bottom of my heart! You all made my birthday week such an incredible experience… I have no idea where I would be if I hadn’t stumbled upon the book community. I for sure wouldn’t be as happy as you all make me. Please, if you aren’t yet, make sure to follow everybody that’s linked. They are such an incredible presence in my life, that I know they will be in yours too!


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