Review for Forever Us by Melanie Shawn!


Well, I am having a bittersweet moment here. I have reached the end of the series but… I loved where Jace and Cat ended up!!!
The series took a twist in the last book and it was marvelous to see this wonderful couple trying to work through it together. I absolutely love how realistic these two felt to me. They aren’t perfect but that’s exactly what makes them perfect characters. They don’t act like they know everything, they have people in their lives that help them put things into perspective and they love it. I wish more people were like them. Also, I honestly kept forgetting that Cat’s only 18!! I swear she acts so mature for her age, it make me so proud! I will miss her and Jace so freaking much. I teared up from all the cuteness overload in this story. This might me my favorite one of the series because of a particular character that we met in the previous book. Its unbelievable how one character can add SO much to the plot line but, they did, and for that I will always look back to this story with a smile.
Although the horrible and atrocious women got what they deserved, justly, I still wasn’t happy with how it was handled. Anyway, I got over it because that ending was perfect! It was sweet, hilarious, and emotional. Cat and Jace manage to make me happier than I thought I would be for fictional characters. I can’t wait to read more by Melanie Shawn!

5/5 stars!


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