Review for Echoes by Shannon Rieger!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first book by Shannon and I loved it so much!! She introduced me to some unique, unforgettable, and fascinating characters that I am completely obsessed with!
This book follows, Michael, a boy with a unique power, and his sarcastic cat, Henry, who he can talk to!!! Henry is by far one of the best characters I have read about. Michael and Henry’s relationship is one of my ultimate favorites. Those two make me yearn to befriend them in real life and I miss them so much. This book also follows two other characters: Avery and Greyson.
At the beginning of the book, I had a slight problem with the fact that it kept referring to the reader with “you.” I personally am not a fan of that sort of thing but I got over it once it stopped. There was also the little thing that I don’t believe guys think the word ‘sigh’ whenever they’re disappointed or something. It sounded more like a text message to me whenever that popped up.
Another problem I had with this was that it changed POV’s on me out of nowhere. But that must have been a problem with my kindle or something since the author explained that she definitely wrote whose POV we were reading in. Also, after I actually thought about it, I love Avery and Michael, but there was one thing that didn’t sit well with me about their feelings toward each other. I believe there are definitely some feelings but I wouldn’t go as far as to call it being in love. There is no foundation or proof that supported their feelings. They never did or experienced the things that helps someone fall in love with another person. For example, making their own memories or bond in a deep, emotional level. Beside the lack of foundation I was smitten with them and they made my heart happy.
Shannon’s writing is one of my favorites I have come across. The way she describes everything is so soothing and effortless that I could’ve been lulled to sleep had I not been so captivated by the story line. This story and every character in it is equally addicting and hilarious. I couldn’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud. This is one of my favorite series now and I can’t wait to continue with the rest of the books!

4.5/5 stars!


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