Review for Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo!


Well. This book was definitely something else. It kept me guessing until the very end and I had a bad feeling in my stomach from the very first page.
I honestly can’t say that I like this book better than the first book, because I don’t. The first half of this book was okay, sort of meh. I found it to be repetitive and it kept throwing me off, in the worst way. Nothing about that half stuck to me but the second half was INSANE!
The second half was faster paced and the twists just kept attacking me before I had the chance to catch my breath. But, it also made me so unbelievably angry for so many reasons. I haven’t been this angry about something in a long, long time. It came down to the fact that I had to punch our table.
Alina honestly is annoying me to no end now. Her actions are, GAH!! Let’s just say that I would strangle her in a heartbeat if I had a way of getting around her power and the little problem about her being fictional.
And Mal. Oh, Mal. My heart went out to that poor man so many times that I lost count. I just want to reach into the book and take him out of it. He deserves so much better and I would die for the chance to prove it to him. But, yeah. I had to power through and let his pain wash over me; it was agonizing and it made me cry. I love that man so freaking much that I’m so freaking scared of reading the next book. I’m scared of finding out what will happen to him but I NEED to know so I will suck it up. Eventually.
I loved the new supporting characters introduced in this book!!! Their personalities and quirks were amazing to experience and I just hope they don’t let me down in the next book. Also, I am now officially obsessed with Sturmhond!!!!! That guy, second to Mal, owns my heart!
4/5 stars!



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