Review for Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell!



“I just want to break that song into pieces and love them all to death.”

This was the second book I read by Rainbow and it’s safe to say… I am OBSESSED!! This woman brings to life some of the most unique and memorable characters I have ever read about. Their quirks and humor are their own and they are perfectly imperfect.
Not going to lie, that prologue made me depressed and definitely added a heavy tone to my experience. The happy moments Eleanor and Park shared were tinged with a hint of sadness because of it and it sounds awful, but it made me enjoy it even more. It proved to me that I was already connected to the characters and I couldn’t stand to see them hurt.
I freaked out as soon as I saw that were get both of their POV’s!!! Especially because I was already in love with Park from the moment he was introduced. The fact that he’s half Korean drove those feelings home and I couldn’t get enough of him after that. His pain and struggles were difficult to experience since I couldn’t do anything to fix them for him. His pain was raw and relatable.
Eleanor must be one of the easiest characters to relate to, in so many ways, at least for me. She is the new girl in the school and gets bashed on for who she is and what she wears. We see her grow into herself and it made me so unbelievably proud of her.
These two are officially one of my all time favorite couples. Their character developments as a couple and as individuals were completely amazing and astonishing. Every time they interacted seemed to send my heart into overdrive. Mostly because I could see how far they’ve come from how they met and it was surreal. I grew to love these two as if they were actually a part of my life and it’s painful to think that they really don’t exist. They brought out the best in each other and gave me hope for many things.
This book was heart-breaking and it had me sobbing more times than I could count. My heart kept getting heavier with every word that Rainbow wrote but I am addicted to her writing so I didn’t stop for anything. I read this in one sitting because of that. I ached for the characters and I was completely miserable for the entire last third of the book. The ending was bittersweet.
It was everything and so much more.

6/5 stars!


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