Review for Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


This was the first book I have read by Adi and there were a lot of things I loved about it but one major thing I didn’t.
This story is told in the POV of 5 characters. It sounds confusing but it isn’t. They are all divided into their own category so there is no confusion. Each had their own story to tell and had their own character developments that made my heart happy. It was pretty awesome seeing the differences and similarities between them as they were introduced.
First we have Hudson, the hilarious mechanic. Bree, the wild runaway. Elliot, the helpless romantic, and Sonia, the girl who is afraid to love again. They are all intertwined by Leila and I loved that the fifth and last POV was hers. I was waiting for it the entire book since we follow her in her journey but we know next to nothing about her. Once the mysterious were cleared up, I knew I didn’t even come close to guessing her life story. It was definitely shocking and it ended the best way it could.
The con about this book was a major thing for me since it impacted my entire experience. It didn’t sound realistic to me. At all. I, personally, would NEVER in a million gazillion years get in a car with a complete stranger. Not if you payed and not even if they look as friendly as Leila does. I’m sorry but nope. I didn’t believe it from the start. That con by itself completely cancelled out my enjoyment of the book. I was intrigued but not devoted.
This was a pleasant read but it reeked of fiction so I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have if I believed this story was real.

3/5 stars.


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