Review for Somewhere in Between by Katie Li!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*

Holy. Book Gods.
This book took me by complete surprise but only because the cover looks so cheerful but it took a dark turn and I loved every second of it! I am so mad at myself for not having read this sooner!! This was the first book I have read by Katie and I fell absolutely in love!!
She managed to speak to my dark soul and gave me a plot line I didn’t even know I was yearning for.
2 friends, Rom and Magnolia, find a portal in their town and things start to get interesting after that. Magnolia loves collecting lost things and Rom is a helpless geek who I was infatuated with the entire story. I miss them so much already that it’s insane. This was one of the books that made me want to reread it again as soon as I finished it. (I just might!)
What made me fall head over heels was the fact that the other side of the portal, or the ‘in between’ as Rom and Magnolia call it, was basically a wasteland. Yeah, a ruined beauty. AHH!!!! Let’s just say that the most amazing thing an author could give me is an abandoned anything. (House, town, mansion, castle, store, etc.) I love exploring abandoned sights whenever I can and this book definitely made me feel like I was exploring right along with the characters.
Another thing I loved were the illustrations at the end of each chapter. There are blossoms that grow with every chapter and it was amazing! I couldn’t stop smiling at them. Also, I loved how the text font changes whenever something was related to the in between. I just wish this book were longer and I would watch this nonstop if it ever became an anime!!
The only slightly negative comments I have are that I didn’t really connect with the characters due to the short length but I still couldn’t flip the pages fast enough. And also, the timeline was a little confusing for me a couple times but I got used to it and it never impacted my experience. Actually, the time line was the best way to go about telling this sort of story. We hop from the characters’ past to their present and we know things that will happen to the characters but are explained how it happened as we go. I am absolutely obsessed with Katie’s writing and I can’t wait for more!! I seriously hope that this has a sequel, or ten, because there are some questions that still need to be answered and I NEED to know what happens after that cliffhanger!!!!

4/5 stars!


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