Review for Zac & Evie by Lilliana Anderson!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review.*

I absolutely loved this book!!  I missed Lilliana’s writing so much! I am sad to admit that I haven’t read the series that sparked this spin-off series. But, I will read them one day!!

Anyway, I loved that we get both Zac’s and Evie’s POV’s. If anything makes me swoon is an amazing male POV. And that is exactly what I got out of this book. I am not ashamed to say that Zac was my favorite out of these two!

Zac takes up fighting in order to help his family out and his story completely broke my heart. He made me sob and wish I could do something to fix everything he was going through. His pain was raw and intense. He had to step up to the plate and grow up faster than normal. He is loyal and passionate towards those he loves and I can’t stress enough how much I respect him as a man and as a person.

Evie is a student in high school and has one of the best families I have read about to date. Their story line is so unique and the love they have for each other is palpable. I loved how she had the backbone to fight for what she wanted. She knew exactly what she wanted and wouldn’t settle for anything less. I loved her so much!

It’s mind-blowing that these two are only 18 years old. They are so mature for their age and I loved it!!! They are so supportive of each other and it killed me to see them struggle in their relationship. Because no matter how amazing a relationship is, there will always be life to deal with.

This is a New Adult romance so there are definitely some sexy scenes. Except, I was so invested that it wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more!!! But I am incredibly happy with what I got.

I saw some things coming but all in all, my heart still melted (or broke) when they happened. This book was hilarious and emotional. I was crying a lot over the characters and I can’t wait to cry more in the rest of the series!

4/5 stars!


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