Review for Backstage by Jacqueline E. Smith!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
I have been waiting for this sequel for months and it goes without saying that I devoured it in one sitting as soon as I had time. Boy Band ended with a cliffhanger I never saw coming. It was explosive and terrifying.
I went into this book with a horrible feeling in my stomach, waiting for the shoe to drop. There is a huge secret being harbored by a couple people that could destroy everything the guys and girls have worked for. It could even destroy the relationships they have with each other.
I have grown emotionally attached to the characters ever since book one, especially Sam and Mel, and it hurt to see so many things tearing them apart. I am so scared to read what is going to happen next with the boys but I will hold on to the little hope I have. My heart goes out to every single one, since to me, they feel as if they were my very own set of best friends. They made me tear up and laugh just like any friend would.
Sam and Mel are one of the most adorable couples I have read about. I am a sucker for a best-friend-turned-boyfriend relationships and they never failed to make me incredibly happy inside.
This book was little cliche but did I mind it? Heck no! I seriously loved how Jacqueline incorporated lyrics from songs by TKOS on top of every chapter. It gave it a wonderfully realistic feel and they always touched my heart.
This book was full of drama and beautiful romantic moments. It was full of betrayal and loyalty. It was hilarious and heart-breaking. I think this is one of the rare moments where I am in love with a cliffhanger!! Ahh! I loved it so much that I am willing to wait forever for whatever happens next. The happiness I feel over that ending will keep me floating until the next book comes out, no doubt!

5/5 stars!


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