Review for Voice of Innocence by Lindsay Detwiler


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
This is the first book I have read by Lindsay and I can only give it 2.5 stars. It is told in both Emma’s and Corbin’s POV, alternating from past and present events. Corbin is the only reason why my rating is so close to 3 stars. This book took me over a month to get through for numerous reasons.
One being Emma. Oh my word, I did NOT like her one bit. In the present she is well into her 40’s but does she act her age? No. Whenever I got to past events told in her POV… I could not contain my anger and irritation towards her. She is honestly one of the most ungrateful characters I have ever read about. I wanted to get physically violent with her so much and I am not proud of it. Also, what she did in the end was unforgivable. If I had respect for her, the end would have made me lose all of it. Her actions were incredibly selfish now that she doesn’t have only herself to think about.
Corbin. Poor Corbin. He has to deal with a lot of nonsense in and out of his relationship with Emma. He tries so hard to be romantic with Emma but she never appreciates it and is always whining about something. I did not want them together due to her horrible attitude.
Even though I liked Corbin 100 times better than Emma, I still didn’t form a connection to any of the two. This was a case of insta-love and I couldn’t sympathize with them in any way so I wasn’t invested in their story. I felt like these characters felt TOO sorry for themselves and it made me want to roll my eyes at them more than anything. It got old really fast.
I didn’t like how the story didn’t give me the details I look for in a good book so I could envision the story better. But in this case, it’s fine since I wasn’t invested.
From the very beginning this book had too much foreshadowing. I grew to hate the end of each chapter only because I knew there was going to be a paragraph foreshadowing all the bad that was about to happen. Once again, they felt too sorry for themselves! It is so incredibly obvious about it too that once the other shoe dropped, I was just waiting to reach the end of the book and get it as far away from me as possible. It wasn’t mysterious, it basically told me what was going to happen from the very beginning. I’m not a fan of the way this story was executed at all.

2.5/5 stars.


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