Review for Crimson Sky by Amy Braun!


*ARC copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
Amy has been a favorite author of mine since early last year and she doesn’t disappoint! I am a huge fan of how she can create so many different worlds for me to obsess over with the characters to match. She wields an unforgettable story founded on unconditional love.
This book had an amazing and intense start and it was action-packed until the very end. It was full of brutality and love to even it out. The only reason I didn’t give this five stars was that I had a difficult time picturing the Hellions. I think it’s my fault though, I’ll have to reread it again. And another reason was that I wasn’t incredibly invested in the romance aspect of the story.
I loved our main character, Claire, and her engineer talents. She was so unique and felt real to me. I loved how she would go through great lengths in order to get her sister to safety and wouldn’t give up.
Sadly, I am not attached to Sawyer yet but I hope he wows me in the sequel! I also figured out his secret from the beginning so it didn’t come as a great shock to me when it was revealed. But I am growing obsessed with a certain guy named Riley!!! I need more of him soon before I go crazy!
With that said, I would like to take a moment and confess my sins. Amy has successfully made me despise a character by the name of Garrett. Oh, my word. I don’t ever ever want to hear that name again. That’s how bad it is.
Anyway, this story involves sky pirates and bloodthirsty Hellions with a dash of romance, what more could a reader want?? Keep in mind, this story may not suitable for readers under 18.

4/5 stars!


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