Review for We Were Liars by E. Lockhart!


“Be sad, be sorry- but don’t shoulder it.”
Jesus. Christ. (I’m trying so hard not to cry right now.)
This was the first book I’ve picked up by E. Lockhart and I am officially scared of her.
I loved how Lockhart included a map of the island and a family tree. Both were incredibly helpful in connecting us more to the story. I’ve never seen a map incorporated into a non-fantasy read so that was an interesting experience.
This book had a dark and heart-breaking undertone to it from cover to cover. It started off slow for me but it kept me intrigued nonetheless. I didn’t mind it since I liked that it didn’t dig too deeply, too soon. But next thing I knew, I was sobbing like nobody’s business. I was NOT expecting the utter devastation this book brought into my world. My life was ripped off from under me and I was left trying to catch my breath, but failing immensely. Like, I said, I am terrified of Lockhart. I think that the only reason for this story was to emotionally destroy people. The grief this story brought onto my shoulders overshadowed any happiness I could have gathered from the story.
We follow Cady, the first granddaughter to a wealthy grandfather who owns an island. We follow her as her memories come back from the day she had an accident. Her family was plain horrible. They reminded me too much of my own family but I didn’t notice that until after I finished the book. My family isn’t alike to hers in the exact sense, but in the general idea. Her family is manipulative and super dysfunctional. It was no wonder why this story impacted me so much.
My heart beat a million miles a minute as soon as I saw the story leading up to the big reveal. I was so intensely focused on the story going one particular way that I did not see Lockhart turning my world upside down until I was already on the ground. I thought I knew what I had gotten myself into but I turned out to be so wrong. The bomb exploded in front of my face and I was disoriented. For a while I refused to recognize the plot twist but it was inevitable.
The characters were phenomenal. I grew obsessed with the Liars from the start. Especially Gat. His heart and his brain made the story for me. I grew to yearn for his next line, his next appearance. His interactions with Cady were by far my favorites.
I, personally, loved Lockhart’s writing style. It was brutal, dark, haunting, and as tragic as they come. What made it even worse for me was the fact that it hit on my greatest fears. I want more from Lockhart but I also am too scared and broken at the moment. What sucks is that I will never have closure. Depressing hangover it is.
I was so out of it after finishing this book. It ruined the rest of day and night. I didn’t know what to do with myself but cry uncontrollably. This story is unforgettable…
Shouldn’t have read this so early in the month. How do I get over this?
6/5 stars.


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