Review for Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan!


“This notebook is a strange instrument – the player doesn’t know the music until it’s being played.”
I am so freaking unbelievably glad to have bought this book. This is one of the books that makes me a proud reader. One of the reasons being that this book begins on December 21st, a day before my birthday!
This story is told in both of Dash and Lily’s POV and for the longest time, I couldn’t choose who my favorite was. They both had an amazing sense of humor that caught me by surprise at how new it was for me. They were, to put it mildly, incredibly unique. But… if it came down to it and I had to choose, it would be Dash. Of, course. His humor and beliefs matched my personality perfectly.
Lily is absolutely and undeniably adorable. She is as nice as they come, reads, and loves anything and everything Christmas related. I loved witnessing her interactions with her brother the most since he was as hilarious as she was, if not more. There was a particular part of the book where I wanted to strangle the living daylights out of her, but only because I loved her and she disappointed me beyond belief. She redeemed herself in the end though.
Dash is a sarcastic dork and of course, loves books as well. (Since this story begins in a bookstore.) He isn’t a fan of Christmas but he puts his feelings aside since he isn’t afraid to take a dare. His point of views brought the most laughs out of me and he always kept me on my toes. I never knew what he was going to say or do next and I loved it with all my being.
The events these two went through were hysterical and ridiculous, in the best way. I wanted them in my life so bad, just to hear the crazy stories they would be able to tell me. Still do. What I found even more admiring, was that these two made me forget their age. They are teenagers but didn’t act with the immaturity that comes with that title, so it made me think of them as if they were a little older.
The similarities these two had overlapped and it made me giddy with happiness every time they did. But, as similar as these two spectacular characters are, they are also incredibly different.
This book made me laugh and smile until it hurt and I couldn’t do anything else.
“I love a man who doesn’t let go of the leash, even when it leads him to ruin.”
I’ve never, ever, ever, in my experience as a reader, read a book with a story line like this one nor the characters like these. Once again, I am so freaking proud to have been united with this book. I might have to make it a tradition to read this book every year. And by might, I mean I will. After being forced into a book hangover a couple days ago, I am so glad I read this. This book brought so much joy into my life when I needed it the most and I can’t wait to dive back in someday soon.
This story was something I didn’t know I craved and for that, I will recommend this book to everybody I meet from now on. Dash and Lily are unforgettable and I live for the day that these two authors will get together and revisit these two characters again. Even if they don’t, the hope of it is making me unbelievably happy.

5/5 stars!


Review for Disarm (#1-#6) and short story by June Gray!


This was the first book I’ve read by June and I am officially obsessed with her characters.
Our main character, Elsie, is a 26 year old who lives with her brother’s best friend, Henry. Her brother was killed in action (not a spoiler since this story begins after his death) and it deepened their bond. She was a strong character and I enjoyed watching her maneuver the things life threw at her. She mourned but she didn’t let that be the end of her.
I have the utmost respect for Henry. His actions represented the amazing man he is inside and my heart ached every time he doubted himself.
I loved how the struggles between her and Henry went through felt incredibly realistic. The aftermath of each struggle was executed in the most perfect way. They didn’t automatically bounce back as if nothing happened. They learned that you have to toughen up and sometimes, inevitably, you change. This love story is about two people who love each other but something keeps getting in the way. Sometimes you grow to question yourself and sometimes the best decision is to let go.
This was an intense and rocky road but I was beyond impressed by their character developments. I felt cheated at times when time went by so quickly that I didn’t get to witness what made the characters into who they became. But, I got over it quickly since we get to see other things.
There a lot of things we learned from these two but there are still things we have yet to find out.
My heart was ripped to shreds whenever Elsie’s brother was mentioned in the book. I wish June could write a book from his POV but I know it will only shatter me even more. Due to the fact that we would all know how it ended and it would be inevitable. A part of me still wants it with all my being so, if you’re reading this June, please help a girl out. Okay?
Anyway, this is a bind-up of the first 6 stories in this series and I loved how we get a glimpse into Henry’s mind even though this series is told strictly from Elsie’s POV. But the best thing is, this story isn’t over yet. I need the other stories like yesterday!
This book contains mature content not suitable for readers under 18.

5/5 stars!


This story contained a short story that takes place after the 6th story in this book so I decided to write a quick review for it on here. I loved this short story a lot. I will always enjoy the banter between Henry and Elsie and their comfort in each other. This story showed me that we have yet to see the entirety that is Henry and Elsie. We have more things to discover about them and I loved witnessing new things about them in a new environment. I can’t wait to read more of their story. A part of me is a little scared to continue since I have a feeling things have yet to be resolved and once again, they will be tested. But I am holding on to hope that everything will resolve itself in a way that will make me happy.

4/5 stars!

Review for Flawless by Jan Moran!


*Was gifted a copy from the author when I met her at a book event*
This was the first book I have read by Jan and I was intrigues from the moment she told me there would be an attractive chef in the story. Being a sucker for any guy that cooks as a passion, I was already half in love with him.
The story follows Verena (so many unique names in this story, it was spectacular!) who is the boss of her family’s business and she earned my respect from the start. She isn’t afraid to stand for herself and is fierce when it comes to loyalty. She didn’t sit around and get taken advantage of which I loved and admired. We follow her as the problems with financial circumstances send her into a whirlwind of chaos. Her life also consisted of some downright terrible people but I loved how the loose ends were tied.
Then comes Lance, our attractive chef with a heart that could make anything melt. (Thank heavens, we get his POV!) All the food talk kept me in a constant state of hunger. He is so thoughtful and giving, all without a second’s hesitation.
I loved how Verena and Lance were making their own way and didn’t lose themselves in order to pursuit their heart’s desires. I loved how Jan didn’t throw an insta-love situation at me and I am forever grateful. She gave me time to love the characters as individuals before making me yearn for more between them. Unfortunately, these two wonderful characters go through struggles that life brings everybody and are tested time and time again.
We learn about the importance of family and how sometimes things happen the way they do for the best. I read this in one sitting and I can’t wait to read more about the rest of Verena’s friends.
There are some scenes and topics not suitable for readers under the age of 18. Also, this comes with a trigger warning.

4/5 stars!