Review for Disarm (#1-#6) and short story by June Gray!


This was the first book I’ve read by June and I am officially obsessed with her characters.
Our main character, Elsie, is a 26 year old who lives with her brother’s best friend, Henry. Her brother was killed in action (not a spoiler since this story begins after his death) and it deepened their bond. She was a strong character and I enjoyed watching her maneuver the things life threw at her. She mourned but she didn’t let that be the end of her.
I have the utmost respect for Henry. His actions represented the amazing man he is inside and my heart ached every time he doubted himself.
I loved how the struggles between her and Henry went through felt incredibly realistic. The aftermath of each struggle was executed in the most perfect way. They didn’t automatically bounce back as if nothing happened. They learned that you have to toughen up and sometimes, inevitably, you change. This love story is about two people who love each other but something keeps getting in the way. Sometimes you grow to question yourself and sometimes the best decision is to let go.
This was an intense and rocky road but I was beyond impressed by their character developments. I felt cheated at times when time went by so quickly that I didn’t get to witness what made the characters into who they became. But, I got over it quickly since we get to see other things.
There a lot of things we learned from these two but there are still things we have yet to find out.
My heart was ripped to shreds whenever Elsie’s brother was mentioned in the book. I wish June could write a book from his POV but I know it will only shatter me even more. Due to the fact that we would all know how it ended and it would be inevitable. A part of me still wants it with all my being so, if you’re reading this June, please help a girl out. Okay?
Anyway, this is a bind-up of the first 6 stories in this series and I loved how we get a glimpse into Henry’s mind even though this series is told strictly from Elsie’s POV. But the best thing is, this story isn’t over yet. I need the other stories like yesterday!
This book contains mature content not suitable for readers under 18.

5/5 stars!


This story contained a short story that takes place after the 6th story in this book so I decided to write a quick review for it on here. I loved this short story a lot. I will always enjoy the banter between Henry and Elsie and their comfort in each other. This story showed me that we have yet to see the entirety that is Henry and Elsie. We have more things to discover about them and I loved witnessing new things about them in a new environment. I can’t wait to read more of their story. A part of me is a little scared to continue since I have a feeling things have yet to be resolved and once again, they will be tested. But I am holding on to hope that everything will resolve itself in a way that will make me happy.

4/5 stars!


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