Review for Just Breathe by Martha Sweeney


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This book picks up right where book 2, Breathe Out, left off. Breathe Out ended with an intense cliffhanger and I was dying to know what happened. There were some unique concepts introduced through the story and I absolutely loved the plot twist!! I didn’t know I wanted the story to go the way it did until it hit me unexpectedly.
I loved watching the character developments of not only Joe and Emma, but also their friends and family. I could feel their love and loyalty towards one another through out the pages, which is something Martha never failed to be able to do in any of her books. I felt like a proud parent whenever they achieved something, either in their personal lives or their professional ones.
The only reason I didn’t give this more than 4 stars was because of Emma. I did not enjoy her antics as much in this book. They always rubbed me the wrong way and I just wanted to get violent with her more than I wanted to get affectionate. I grew tired of her threats and the dialogue was super repetitive. I would’ve liked for them to get to the point instead of evading so much. I also felt like everybody was a little TOO interested in their relationship; it felt like that was all they talked about.
My fours stars are strictly for the perfection that is Joe! He made me cry so much and his happiness made me happy. He’s incredibly patient; I know I would have NEVER been half as patient with Emma. He made me so proud and the ending was super satisfying. I am more than happy with how Martha tied loose ends and it left me smiling like a lunatic. I am already missing Joe so much!

4/5 stars!


Review for Caligatha by Matt Spire


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“If anything was immortal it was death.”
This book appealed, straight away, to my love for a darker story. The horror aspects were so fascinating and came as a surprise to me. It was gory, and I was in awe most of the time since I knew next to nothing about the story when I started reading. The premise of this book was intriguing to say the least. The entire plot line’s built on tragedy and that is the mood I experienced from cover to cover. It was oddly satisfying.
I loved the different POV’s we experience throughout the story. The main ones, in my opinion, were Eric, Jericho and Lydia. I always looked forward to Jericho’s POV the most. The things Eric’s POV drew attention to about Jericho were contradicting to what I saw in Jericho’s own POV. It was a mystery and I loved not knowing what to expect out of Matt. I loved the structure of this story. The plot twists were amazing and Matt’s writing style made it easy to picture what was happening in my head. It was easy to follow and I felt lulled by the ambiance.
The only reason I didn’t give this book 4/5 stars was strictly my fault. I’m clueless whenever advanced scientific terms are used and due to this book being dark sci-fi, I was confused most of the time. It was difficult to follow and I also couldn’t relate to the characters, partially due to my previous reason. Even if I didn’t connect to the characters, I was still intrigued by whatever happened to them, especially Jericho.

3.5/5 stars.