Review for Drown by Esther Dalseno!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“Sometimes what we are searching for does not exist. We may sacrifice for it, even bleed for it, but it was never meant to be ours.”
Holy. Canoly.
Ever since I saw the words “twisted take” on the cover, I knew my heart was going to love this book. And I wasn’t wrong!!! This haunting story is sure to stick with me until the end of time.
Esther’s writing is magnificent. I don’t know how to describe it any better. I already told her this, but this book was far from what I expect a debut novel to be like. It was so much more and it left me speechless. There was a recurring dark and melodic undertone to this story and I loved every minute of it. But as dark as it was, it also had its hilarious moments that I cherished with all I had. Esther managed to make me forget I was human for the extent of the story. This hadn’t happened before. She actually made me feel like an outsider to the human world; exactly how the little mermaid felt.
The characters in this story were far from what I expected. I didn’t expect to grow so attached to them and their happiness . The prince, the uncle, the mermaid… those three were the most perfectly flawed characters in this story and I wanted so much more of them. Not because Esther barely mentioned them, but because she did but I am greedy with characters I love. I found myself relating to more than one character and I always hurt whenever they hurt. I’ve been thinking of these characters and their struggles constantly already and it’s been a few days since I finished this. I’ve grown obsessed with them.
This was a tragic story about love and free will that made me tear up so much by the end. I was a mess and I didn’t want to acknowledge that ending. It was devastating but nothing short of eye-opening. My sorrow was up for Esther’s taking and boy did she take… Once things were brought together and started to make sense, I felt them like a blow to the gut. The clues were right in front of me but I was so lost in my own world that I completely missed them.
If there is one thing you should take out of this review is that I wish this were the original story. I love this retelling infinitely times better than the original and I NEED to see it on the big screen. Even if that ending was far from what I wanted for these beautifully broken characters.

4.5/5 stars!


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