Review for Oleah Chronicles by Michelle Johnson


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
I managed to read it in one sitting but it wasn’t without it’s difficulties. I found this book to be too cliche and predictable. There were an excessive amount of exclamation marks that weren’t my favorite and I couldn’t get lost in the story no matter how hard I tried.
None of the characters met my requirements and it was disappointing. The main girl and her best friend were too busy being star-struck over some guy for almost the entire book when they didn’t even know him all that well. It focused too much on the ‘romance’ aspect and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I wish it hadn’t. 95% of this book was spent freaking out about this guy instead of focusing on the much needed world-building. If the romance wasn’t such a main focus point, I wouldn’t have minded it, but it was, and it wasn’t realistic nor believable. I didn’t feel a spark between the characters and I honestly didn’t see the point of it.
The dialogue was also too juvenile for me. Deep matters were rarely discussed; it was mostly superficial stuff. Even the Demons that were supposed to be these higher and worse beings talked like they were 15 years old. I have a lot of expectations when Demons and Angels are touched upon and sadly, I wasn’t impressed.
The main character’s crush couldn’t choose an age. At times he sounded ancient and at other times he sounded like a teenager.
I also didn’t like how the author described her characters by comparing them to actors and it took the fun out of creating the characters in my head out of it. The confrontation towards the end was anti-climactic, at its best, after waiting the entire novel for it. I honestly don’t have the urge to revisit these characters. This book was not for me.

2/5 stars.