Review for Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern!


This was my first book by Cammie and I. Loved. It!
This book follows Amy and Matthew during their senior year in high school and on. They both have fears to face and overcome before the thing between them can work and it was a rough road to take in. They are put into situations where a weaker person would’ve given up.
Amy is disabled and I loved that she didn’t let it turn her into a shell. Her humor shined and it made me super happy. I loved watching her help her best friend who is a peer that helps her get through the school day…
In comes Matt. He is her peer and that is where their story starts. My heart went out to him time and time again. He has his own disability and it hurt seeing it eat away at the person he really is. His humor had me laughing more often than not and his loyalty to Amy warmed my heart to the point where I thought it would explode. It’s safe to say that he is my favorite out of this story. Not because he’s a guy, but because I felt like he opened up more than Amy did and I grew so attached to his pain and sorrow that in his moments of happiness… they were a miracle to me.
This was like nothing I have ever read before and I loved every moment of it. The sad part about loving a book is when things aren’t going the way you want it to. And this book is guilty of that. I was heart-broken by the unfairness of their situation and the selfishness of a particular character!! I kept crying my eyes out since this story took a hold of my heart immediately and has yet to let me go. I wanted these two wonderful beings happier, more than anyone. I want to be optimistic about that ending but I don’t know if I have a reason to.
Cammie explained things so beautifully that I was swept into their shoes. I felt like I was the one going through what these characters were and it was scary at times. I read this in one sitting and if I could turn back time and read it again, I would. I miss Matt so much, it’s ridiculous.
The plot twist hit me pretty hard, which is surprising. I usually, in the back of my mind, yearn for this exact plot twist with every character I read about but somehow I was too invested in this story to think about it. Until it hit me in the face. I loved witnessing Amy and Matt handle the situation in the best way they could. I would have written a completely different ending but hey, too late now. Can Cammie write a sequel PLEASE!?!?!?! I miss these characters so much it isn’t even funny. My heart hurts just thinking about them. I want to know more!!
4.5/5 stars!


Review for Order of Seven by Beth Teliho!


*Copy provided in exchange for an honest review*
“What matters is not what our story is, but rather that we have one.”
This was the first book I’ve read by Beth and I fell in love with it from the start. The premise was so unique and it was a treat to experience. I was invested in the story less than 2o pages in. Every moment I spent away from this book was torture since all I wanted to do was get lost in it again. There are a mixture of cultures and we got to unravel secrets of our main characters as we go.
Our main character, Devi, is a psychic and her brother, Nodin, is an empath. Their journey was intriguing. I loved the dynamic of their relationship so much, they sort of reminded me of my brother and I. They are close siblings and I felt the love between them and the others characters. The relationships between all of them were deep and meaningful.
Talking about Nodin, he has to be one of my favorite characters of all time. One of the reasons is that even though him and I look almost completely different on the outside, we battled and are battling similar demons. My heart is breaking just thinking about him and reliving the things he’s gone through. He made me cry so much; I wanted to reach into the story and hug him. I wanted to make his pain go away but I was extremely proud of him in the end of it all.
I felt like the relationship between Devi and her brother’s friend, Baron, escalated too quickly for my liking. Their interactions always made me giddy and I got over the insta-attraction early on since there was a reason for it. But other things, I couldn’t really get past. I will say though, that Baron is H.O.T. Jesus. Christ. That man managed to make me uncomfortable in my severe attraction to him. I don’t think any other male character has ever made me feel that way before so kudos Beth!
I felt like the resolution was anti-climactic for me. I would’ve loved a tad more conflict/chaos at the end but all in all it wasn’t disappointing. I loved the writing style even if I managed to find it a little predictable. There wasn’t any sugarcoating or overselling in Beth’s agenda and I loved that. I honestly can’t wait for the next adventure!

4/5 stars!


Review for Cheers Beers by Lindsey Stuffel!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
Holy. Smokes.
This was a perfect ‘never judge a book by its cover’ example. I thought this was going to be a fluffy read but… WRONG! This story tackled a grave topic that nobody should ever go through but, unfortunately, it’s a real problem in the world. This story was alternatively told in past and present events. This book was so emotionally heavy, I felt the weight of it on my chest since the first word until the last.
My heart went out to Beers so much that it hurt. It was torture not being able tor each into the book and pull her out into safety. It was hard to witness the damage a sole person could make to an entire being. I felt suffocated as a reader; I don’t want to imagine how suffocated it must feel to actually got through such tragedy. Her internal and external struggle was as raw and believable as the aftermath of going through such traumatic events.
Lindsey has a knack for creating the worst guys imaginable. The scary part is that variations of these men actually exist and even though I’m lucky enough to never have met them, other people aren’t so lucky.
But, as good as she is at creating bad guys, she also created an amazing guy to balance out or main character. Linc Briggs. Oh, this man is just adorable!! He made my heart swell and I was proud that he’s a part of Beers life. I could literally FEEL the love and affection he had for Beers. It washed over me every time he spoke and it was pretty intense.
Beers is a character to respect and admire. She is surrounded by amazing people that support her and love. She is far from perfect but she also isn’t a quitter. This book was empowering while at the same time, heart-breaking. Every woman should read this book at least once in their lifetime. This book teaches the reader about the power and necessity of self-love and self-worth.

4/5 stars!

Review for Playing Grown-Up by Lindsey Stuffel!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“I am Ren and it’s time I stopped making myself feel guilty for having feelings.”
This is the sequel to Nowhere Girl, and I loved it so much more! This book takes place a couple years after the first one and we get to catch up on everything that we have missed.
Let me tell you, not all of it was good. Boy, did I cry my eyes out in this one. A particular character I was extremely fond of was ripped away from me (and the main character) and it hit me to the core. I’m not over it and never will be. I mourned alongside Ren and it was torture.
We find out that even though we follow a character for the length of a novel, we never really know the entire story.
At first, I wasn’t a fan of Gil. With the whole ‘too many guys in the picture’ issue. But, I’m happy to say he has changed my mind. I would’ve loved to have seen more from him way earlier in the story but oh well. I ended up loving him and approving of him with Ren.
This story was beautiful. It wrapped everything up perfectly and I am so proud of how far Ren has come. I loved seeing how the people around Ren were doing as well as her.

4/5 stars!

Review Nowhere Girl by Lindsey Stuffel


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was the first book I’ve read by Lindsey and I enjoyed it a lot.
Our main character, Ren, is 33 years old and is still trying to find her place in the world while falling in love. She was hilarious and I enjoyed witnessing adult problems take a hold of her, apart from the romance. It felt real and believable.
I had a lot of problems with this story. One of the reasons was that there were a little too many guys in the plot line for me. I guess I can believe two guys, but more? I can’t. I didn’t see her infatuation with Bram since he appeared 2D to me. I also felt like the relationship between her and Cal was awfully paced. I would’ve loved witnessing more interactions between them before getting on board with the relationship.
I absolutely loved the relationship Ren had with her dad and her friends. My respect for her grew a lot by the end of the story.
This book was easy to get through and wrapped up pretty nicely. I learned that I shouldn’t have been so worried about my problems. Lindsey managed to fix most of the problems I had before the story even ended and I found they were there for a reason.

3/5 stars.