Review for Free Falling by Makenzie Smith!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“If Wally had taught me anything, it was not to be optimistic.”
AHHH!!!! THIS is exactly the sequel I would’ve bombarded Makenzie to write if she hadn’t already done so. I have to admit that the synopsis scared the crap out of me, and with good reason!!! There was a permanent twisting of my stomach after reading it that didn’t go away until I was done with the book.
There was almost a permanent smile plastered on my face from the moment I opened the cover to the moment I reached the end. I say almost because when I wasn’t smiling, I was crying. Especially at the end, I was sobbing my eyes out. I had to take many breathers because my sobs kept getting in the way.
Anyway, this story follows Kristen (a woman I am massively jealous of) as she meets Wally, the man of my dreams. She knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.
I fell in love with Wally since the moment he was introduced in Starting Fires. His personality was the one that grabbed my attention from the start and I wanted to dig deeper into who he was. I needed to know what was in that head of his even though I was reading about a different couple. Let’s just say I kept getting distracted.
I absolutely loved how random he was. I never knew what was going to come out of his lips and it was fascinating. His sense of humor was what made me fall for him and God, that man had me worshiping the ground he walked on. He’s one of the characters that has been granted my obsession. He’s now one of my favorite characters if not THE favorite. (My friends over on Snapchat can agree to that. I kept talking about Wally and how he keeps making me cry and everything.) He’s genuine, hilarious, flirty, honest, giving… but he’s far from perfect and that made him perfect in my eyes. It was torture seeing him doubt himself. I wanted to be there for him so bad that I got angry at him being fictional. It was intense. Ugh, how I wish I could trade places with Kristen.
The relationship these two had with each other was extremely sweet but also toxic. They brought out the worst and best out of each other. It was really difficult to witness without being able to come to their rescue (especially Wally’s). Whenever he hurt her, he was hurting me by default. I was so dead set on their happy ending that it was torture seeing them go through things far away from it.
I was pretty disappointed that this book was shorter than Lucas and Marlowe’s story but oh well. It’s still my favorite out of the two, of course. I read this in one sitting and was even more attached to the characters than I already was. Although I grew to hate one particular character from the other story that I didn’t mind until this book. No regrets, my feelings will never change.
Personally, I love the introduction and the epilogue, because well, *ahem*WALLY*ahem*. I would have DIED if he had his own POV throughout the entire thing but beggars can’t be choosers, unfortunately.
This has mature content so it’s not suitable for readers under 18 years old.

5/5 stars!


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