Review for Slip of the Tongue by Jessica Hawkins!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
“He’ll regret pushing you away, though, when he realizes I’m here, waiting to catch you.”
This book follows, Sadie, a woman whose husband isn’t paying attention to her anymore. Then she meets her neighbor across the hall and things heat up until she crosses a line she can’t come back from. I like how she doesn’t act like she knows exactly what she’s feeling when she’s doing it and it made her more human in my eyes.
The steaminess in this story was just epic. It had me devouring every world like it was the last I was going to read.
I love her brother’s daughter so much!! She had me laughing hysterically with very word that came out of her lips. I can only hope to meet a child like that in person one day.
I can’t even go on about the character I absolutely love without giving away spoilers and that’s eating away at me from the inside out. I loved both men at the end of the book but just know that the man I was rooting for the entire way… The man that I wanted to have the happiest of happy endings… is the one Sadie DOESN’T choose. (Just typing those words is a blow to me.) This is one of the worst feelings ever.
Writing this review is freaking torture, I hope you all know that. I rarely want to stay FAR FAR away from a book but this one is in that category now, and there it will stay. I didn’t want to write this and go back to the heart-break I experienced but for you guys and the author, I guess I will.
Ever since I saw the teasers for this book on the author’s Instagram page, I grew more and more frustrated to read it. Have I known how I would feel after reading it, I might have put if off for a while longer.
“When you hurt tomorrow, physically or emotionally… when you question what we did… when you ache to do it again-I’ll take blame for all of it, Sadie.”
This book left me completely and utterly exhausted. Emotionally and physically. This story swelled my heart with a happiness of epic proportions and Jessica shattered it completely. Now I have even more trust issues. I couldn’t even bring myself to be angry about the outcome. Even right now, the tears won’t come since I exhausted them all last night. Not I just feel hollow and… there. I can’t even be happy about the fact that this leaves the man I wanted her to choose available for me. Why? Because he’s completely fictional. I’m so bitter about this that I don’t even know what to do with myself. I want to reread this in order to revisit the man I wanted but it will just drive the blade deeper into my heart knowing how it ends.
I need an alternate ending, Jessica… please.
There is mature content not suitable for readers under 18.

5/5 stars!


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