Review for Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler!


This was my second book by Sarah, and I didn’t like it as much as the first, but it was still pretty interesting to read.
This book follows Hudson, a girl with a fond love for skating and baking. Her mom owns a family restaurant and I was intrigued from the start since I have a weakness for family restaurant stories. Hudson has a pretty intense imagination, one that I wasn’t a fan of at times. It was just too much for me and since I was more focused on the actual story than her imagination, I felt it getting in the way. I freaking loved the backbone she got when she’s on the ice. I just hoped that same backbone followed her out of the ice too. In the end though, it did so I was happy about that. I was definitely happy about her character development. I wasn’t on board with a couple of her actions, I felt them to be mostly pointless, but for the most part, I enjoyed her character a lot.
We meet Hudson before The Incident and the story takes place some years after it. We get to see how much her life has changed and it was interesting to see play out. I really loved the people she was surrounded with. They each added their own flair to the story and I could feel the love they had for Hudson from miles away. I grew annoyed at her mostly because she was too focused on skating to see it.
I loved the Wolves so much! They made me feel like a proud mamma bear, just like they made Hudson feel. Those boys definitely made the story so much more entertaining for me. Especially a particular one with a name that starts with ‘J’. I loved that guy so much but a main reason why I didn’t give this 5 stars was because I wanted more romance between those two and I didn’t get it.
Anyway, my favorite character in this entire book was… wait for it… BUG!!!! Bug is Hudson’s 8 year old brother and oh my god. He is a genius and absolutely, incredibly, hilarious. You couldn’t believe the things he said and did. (If anything, read this book just to meet him.) He is the most fascinating character ever. There wasn’t a time where I wasn’t laughing out loud at his cleverness and witty comments. It was weirdly amazing to witness his brain at work. I have an 8 year old sister but she is so different, it was fun comparing them. He made me yearn for a baby brother so much. He was such an amazing part of the story, if not the best, and most of my 4 stars go out to him. For his epicness, originality, and for showing me the big sister side of Hudson. Every time I read about Bug, I couldn’t help wanting to give him a hug and a kiss, just like a mother would.
I read this in one day and the ending was super sweet. It definitely made me happy as a reader and it made me tear up.

4/5 stars!



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