Review for The Infinite Moment of Us by Lauren Myracle


Lauren completely took me by surprise. I had geared myself up to read a typical YA novel but I soon found out that it was more New Adult than YA… and it was pretty fantastic! It was an amazing surprise, one that I hope happens to me more often.
Anyway, this book follows Wren, an 18 year old who has parents that dictate about every part of her life. Her insecurities have taken over her life and she’s trying to detach herself from her parents’ hips by moving away after summer. I was okay and sympathetic with her for the most part but there were far too many times that she got on my nerves. I didn’t feel like she made much of a development by the end, if she did at all. Her actions and reactions sometimes drove me through the wall. In the end, she sort of redeemed herself, but not really.
Our main love interest is Charlie and yes, we do get his POV. I don’t have to specify that Charlie was my favorite, right? Well he was. CHARLIE!!! Ugh, that guy made me swoon so much. His personality was fantastic but there was a weight on his shoulders that made me cry. It hurt seeing him double-guessing just how amazing he was. He’s supportive, smart, loving, loyal, and caring to a fault. He definitely deserves to be loved with every fiber of a human being’s body. I just wished Wren did a better job at it. Now, HIS character development I loved to pieces. He has such an amazing family that showed him what he couldn’t see in himself. They showed him just how fantastic he was and I felt myself indebted to them, as if he actually existed in real life. In the end, he made me so so proud. Yes, he’s not perfect, but I love his flaws as much as everything else about him. I was ecstatic that it ended on his POV, it’s the reason why I rated it as close to 4 as I could get.
I read this book in one siting and loved it so much! The reason why I couldn’t give it a full 4 stars was mainly because I wasn’t happy with Wren. She was a great part of the story and she didn’t make me love her which was a bummer. But everything else, I was super happy about!

3.75/5 stars.


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