Review: Why Now? by Carey Heywood!


*ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
So, I have almost nothing of a review because I was too busy being immersed in the story which by itself tells you how much I loved it.
This book follows Kacey, a woman who has been in love with her best friend’s brother, Jake, for almost all of her life. The story starts with her drunkenly accepting a marriage proposal from Heath, Jake’s friend. The foundation of their engagement was just dumb to me. But it’s okay, because it’s supposed to be, I think. Anyway, then Jake comes back to town and suddenly shows interest in Kacey. Things pick up from there and boy, was it a beautiful and wild ride.
My heart ached for Heath from the start. I love his character so much and I wish I could console him due to the things he’s going through. I mean, I was all for Jake and Kacey but Heath is so amazingly sweet, he deserves to be loved and respected.
My heart also ached for Jake, but for completely different reasons. It was sad witnessing him going through things in life nobody should go through. I loved how he showed his affection to Kacey, even if I didn’t agree on him going against Heath to do so.
The reason why I give this 4.5 instead of 5 was because when something pretty big happened, it was too unexpected for me to get emotional over. I was just ‘oh, okay’ and moved on. I don’t know why but the fact that there was no build up to it or something prevented me from caring too much. Which is pretty sad since I would have wanted to be emotional over it, of course. The event itself wasn’t emotional for me, but the aftermath definitely was.
The end sneaked up on me out of nowhere. I could have sworn I had just finished chapter one when suddenly the epilogue was right in front of me. That ending hit me pretty hard and left me a blubbering mess. It packed so many emotions in those few pages and I loved every single one. It was equal amounts of sweet and heart-breaking. I loved, loved, loved how everything wrapped up.

4.5/5 stars!


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