Review:The Book of Broken Hearts by Sarah Ockler


I have been eyeing this book for a while now, ever since I saw it at Book Outlet a couple months ago. I almost bought it but then I found something that caught my eye more and never got back to this. After reading it, I am so glad I didn’t buy it and borrowed it from the library instead. The fact that this took me more than a day to read, says a lot. It isn’t a tome of a book and I usually read a book like this in half a day.
Anyway, let’s get to the review.
This is my third book by Sarah and I have not been wow’d by the last two books as I was with the first one. I strongly dislike when an author uses Spanish in a book but completely butchers it. If it was a small thing, I would just roll my eyes and get over it. But at one point, a woman referred to herself as a man… in Spanish. That’s a huge deal!!!! It goes to show that Google was probably the most likely helper to Sarah and not an actual person that speaks Spanish. (Like me.) This makes me so incredibly sad and angry since I absolutely love it when authors have Spanish-speaking characters. Well, not in this case obviously.
I didn’t even remember any names of the characters but I know one now because I wrote it down. And that is Emilio, the main love interest. He actually deserves my respect. He isn’t afraid to tell it like it is and he put the main character in her spot multiple times. He seemed to read my mind and told her the things I wanted him to say, so cheers to that!!
Is it obvious that I disliked the main character? I actually don’t remember her name. I was annoyed by her most of the time than not and it made my reading experience more than excruciating. She’s the reason it took me so long to get through it. She needed to grow a backbone so bad!! Ah! I wanted to shake her and do some other unmentionable things. I also didn’t believe, for one second, that she liked Emilio. They were more like acquaintances than friends, let alone ‘friendly’ to me. She was attracted to him, yeah, but this is one of the many times where her backbone is in question. I only liked the side of her that took care of her dad.
Although I didn’t form a connection to any of the characters, my favorite has to be the main character’s dad. He actually felt genuine and troubled. The only times I was close to tearing up were whenever bad things happened that included him.
The ending was fine, I guess. The main character showed some promise but I grew tired of the story way before it so I didn’t have the energy to be proud or excited about anything.

2/5 stars.


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