Review: Confess by Collen Hoover!


“I want you to remember how it feels when I look at you.”
This book mainly follows Auburn and Owen. The premise behind this plot line was amazing and unique. It made me grateful for CoHo’s creativity. The beginning was utterly heart-breaking and I was already bawling, not even 10 pages in. I like how everything wasn’t disclosed too quickly, but because it wasn’t, I was able to get an idea of what it was that needed disclosing. I didn’t mind though since Auburn and Owen were incredibly sweet together and I was rooting for them by the end.
Auburn was an okay character. I feel like CoHo’s females seem to lack a backbone and yes, I thought Auburn did too. She managed to make proud at times though so she didn’t annoy me much.
Owen’s dialogue was close to perfect. He made my heart ache with slight jealousy that he wasn’t directing his words at me. He’s loyal to a fault and his heart was the most attractive thing about him. Owen’s definitely an unforgettable character.
At first, I wasn’t on board with their relationship. I felt like it was too insta-love and they didn’t win me over until farther into the story. Sure, there was a reason for Owen’s side but Auburn had no excuse. What I will admit is that the attraction between them was intense. That I did believe.
Let’s talk about why there is a star missing from this rating.
Some things were romanticized, when they shouldn’t be. No matter how awful a character is to another, what happened was not okay. I also did NOT like how things were resolved between Auburn and her ‘mother-in-law’ and ‘brother-in-law’. It could’ve been resolved some other way without jeopardizing Auburn’s credibility. It was so out of character for Auburn that I just wasn’t impressed.
Also, there was a ‘twist’ that happened and it was so out of nowhere (but predictable for CoHo’s writing, if that makes sense) that it wasn’t believable. I have SO much to say about it but I won’t due to spoilers and whatnot.
After reading 3 of her books this weekend, I have come to the conclusion that CoHo needs to take some time in order to create NEW and FRESH plot lines. Yes, the main premise was unique, the characters were fascinating, but the main experiences ended up being a variation of the other two books I read from her. I don’t want to be fed the same thing, multiple times, by the same author. I have no idea who does, but that’s what happened and that isn’t worthy of 5 stars.
Another positive note: The last half of this story was plain beautiful. I loved the very last POV chapter we get the most. I knew something was going to happen along those lines but it was more beautiful than I expected. It made me tear up and all that good stuff. I felt like it was the best and most perfect way to wrap the story. A full circle.

4/5 stars!


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