Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover!


This book follows Fallon and Ben. Their story was magnificent and unforgettable. I fell utterly in love with the premise the moment I knew there was going to be book-writing taking part in it. and I am so,so proud to say, my love only grew.
I absolutely loved Fallon. She had a backbone, that she never lost, and yet still managed to put Ben’s needs before hers when it mattered. Her strength shone brightly through her every action. She didn’t lose her independence the moment she met Ben and I have her mother to thank for that. She raised her right and ah!! Fallon made me proud too many times to count.
Let’s talk about Ben. (Oh, Ben. Imagine me swooning a bunch of times while I type about him.) He is perfection. I don’t think any of CoHo’s male characters will ever live to his perfection. I fell in love with everything about him. He knows exactly what he wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. Which is why my heart broke into a million pieces whenever he didn’t attain it. He had the most perfect lines ever, ESPECIALLY because he takes part in book talk. Yes, he speaks bookish and.. Oh. My. God. It was the sexiest thing ever. I will now be on the lookout for my Ben, if anyone’s interested. I loved how as honest and blunt Ben was, he still managed to be a mystery which bumped up my level of attraction to him about a thousand more notches. I was intrigued to the max and devoured every single detail about him. He always had me smiling like a lunatic. He did manage to piss me off this ONE time that he betrayed Fallon (which, in turn, betrayed me) but I refuse to acknowledge it.
For those of you who have read this, you will know what I mean when I say that that Closet Scene had me crying like nobody’s business. I’ll let you find out why on your own.
I am so unbelievably proud of these two. They managed to figure themselves out before pursuing something more with each other and it warmed my heart to the core. More romances, if not all of them, should be like this one.
This was an emotional and exhilarating ride. I was crying most of the time than not and grew absolutely obsessed with these two characters. I was giddy, heart-broken, proud, betrayed, devastated, uplifted, and everything in between.
This was book number 2 out of 4 that I have read by Colleen and I have to say it’s still my favorite one. I read November 9, Confess, and Ugly Love (in that order) back to back this past weekend and since N9 was the first, the other ones resembled this one instead of vice versa. Which is why I didn’t like the other two anywhere near as much as I liked this one.
This book is on a pedestal for me and that’s where it will stay.

5/5 stars!


4 responses to “Review: November 9 by Colleen Hoover!

  1. I’m so glad to hear you loved this one! I haven’t read any CoHo (yet!! I own Ugly Love at least), but November 9 has been the one I’ve been wanting to read most because the premise sounds fitting for me.

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  2. OMG I LOVE BEN AS WELL! I just wrote my review on this book and I mentioned how the fact that he’s a writer makes swoon. I also love how honest he is, that’s huge for me. YOU SHOULD READ MAYBE SOMEDAY! That’s my favorite CoHo book, and it’s really interesting because there’s a playlist that goes along with it since the main characters write music. (Oh, and there’s a song about Nov 9 as well… I bought it.) Great review!

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