Review: Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover


I was going to give this book 4 stars but I couldn’t do it. I wasn’t being honest to my emotions, so 3.5 stars it is.
This book started out with a lot of potential. It almost had me rolling around on the floor from laughing so much. The first encounter between the two main characters was hilarious and super entertaining. It’s definitely my favorite first meeting ever.
I like how in CoHo’s books, we get the guy and the girl’s POV. This one was a little different since the guy’s POV, Miles’, was told mostly in the past. I honestly enjoyed that it was in the past. I liked Miles WAY better in the past than in the present. I’m afraid that’s where my positive comments end. In the present, Miles was a man of few words and looked pissed all the time. He was definitely intriguing at first glance, if only I hadn’t predicted EXACTLY what happened to him. Yes, I predicted the exact events that happened to him. Every. Single. One. I swear, I should be proud of everything I ended up predicting, which was about 99% of the book. But I’m not. I am beyond mad. I took a day in order to not be so pissed when I wrote this so right now I’m just majorly disappointed. I wanted to see what all the hype around CoHo was and I don’t see it. I am not a fan of hers after reading this and TWO other of her books that were basically the same exact story line. It will be a while before I pick up anything by her, if ever.
There was a moment before I even cracked this book open to the first page that I told myself if a CERTAIN thing happened in this book that I was predicting, I will be so pissed. And guess what?… It. Happened. I wanted to chuck the book against the wall multiple times SO BAD but I managed to reel my anger in enough to read the entire thing.
The main character, Tate, was just intolerable. She’s exactly what I don’t like on a main character, and more. She loses all of her independence and backbone, if she even had any to start with, the moment she meets Miles. This book has some steamy scenes, and that’s about the only thing that had me intrigued. (Oh, look, a positive comment) I did NOT believe they had deep feelings towards each other, not for one bit. Why? Because never did their dialogue surpass their sex. And that is something that HAS to happen in order for a relationship to work and seem realistic. I need the heart-to-heart moments in order to get on board with a couple and there weren’t any. Miles was a closed book and Tate allowed herself to be walked over all the time, none of them had my respect. No, no. This book was not for me and CoHo has lost all my interest.
Let’s end this on a positive note shall we?
As predictable as the ending was, it was a nice one.

3.5/5 stars.


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