Review: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


This was my third book by Rainbow and it was entertaining, but not my favorite.
The main male lead, Lincoln, wasn’t our type but that’s what made him so much more amazing. I disliked his mother so much, it wasn’t even funny. His sister was better, but not intriguing either. I loved the humor between Beth and Jennifer in their email conversations. I loved seeing the development in Jennifer, she was my favorite out of the two girls.
The story took off with a hilarious start but the pace wasn’t to my liking. So after a while, I started to lose interest in it all. The ending was sweet but since the focus was on Beth throughout the story, I wasn’t really intrigued or heart-warmed by it. I was okay with it. All in all, this story was okay but I’m not giving up on my love for Rainbow!

3 stars.


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