Review: Safe Distance by Megan Green


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was my first book by Megan and I’m sad to say that I didn’t enjoy any of it. I was really excited about reading it too since that cover is just gorgeous.
Anyway, I felt the characters to be too transparent to us yet they almost never told each other anything of importance. I wanted angst but instead we got exactly what we saw. It was awfully predictable; nothing I haven’t read before. There was so much crying from so many characters that it got on my nerves after the second time. I was beyond irritated that I had no sympathy for any of them at any time.
It was super corny and with the way the story was executed, I didn’t believe the main couple was ‘in love’ or even attracted to each other for one second. There was just NO way. They haven’t even hung out for a week when they were already mentioning the ‘L’ word. Sure, they knew each other for ‘a couple months’ but did they hang out? No. You can’t fall in love with someone who doesn’t even open up to you and just keeps walking away from you. You can’t fall in love with someone you know absolutely nothing about. Everything about this plot line was not believable and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Also, whenever a character was telling a story, it sounded like they were reading from a book. It didn’t sound like an actual conversation two people would have.
I wished I had liked the supporting characters better than the main ones in order to save this book but that wasn’t the case either. One of the main female character’s friend was too dependent on her boyfriend and it was irritating. Also, what sent me over the edge was that they all seemed to have The. Same. Exact. Personality and humor. Rare to no diversity whatsoever. This just drove me into a deeper slump.

1/5 stars.


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