Review: Life, As Is by Brenda Thornlow


*Copy provided by authors in exchange for an honest review*
The sequel had lots of potential with its time-traveling premise that I didn’t see reached in this one. I really liked the first book but with this one, I felt many things were lacking. For example, I wasn’t a fan of the guys (or girls) in our main character’s life this time around. Yes, I grew to dislike Jim quite a bit in this one. Some of the things revealed were also really obvious from the start and that bummed me out.
I was not a fan of our main character, Brianna, this time around either. She didn’t feel genuine to me and neither were the things she said. I could tell that her character’s developing but something was preventing me from believing it.
I’m still not a fan of the amount of exclamation marks used throughout the story. This is one my greatest pet peeves when it comes to reading and it kills all the fun of the story for me. I don’t like it when almost all of the dialogue ends in one, no matter which character is supposed to be speaking. This makes them all sound the same to me.
This book was pretty easy to get through but it felt too rushed for me. The question still stands that I would love to see answered soon: Why is this happening to her? I have a theory but I feel like if it turns out to be right, it will be too easy of an explanation. Let’s hope I am wrong because I really need to know!

2.5/5 stars.



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