Review: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes


“It was deceptive, the sunshine- it promised more than it could actually deliver.”
The hype around this book has been non-stop lately and I never actually knew what it was about until I watched the trailer for the movie. After that, I was hooked and put it on hold at my library immediately. Weeks later, I saw that it was waiting for me for pickup (two days ago) and I read it as soon as I got home. I read it in one sitting and I enjoyed it for the most part.
The main character, Lou, had her funny moments but most of the time, I was just rolling my eyes at her and every single one of her mistakes. I didn’t really see a monumental character development in her, if at all. I did relate to her a couple times though, mainly her struggle with moving out and finding a job. (That is me at the moment.) I massively dislike her family and the way they treated her for most of the book. In my eyes, they did not redeem themselves. With that said, I have no idea how I would live with the things she had to go through. I don’t think I would have been half as strong as how she took it all.
Will, Lou’s charge, was fine. Nothing about him stood out to me and I wish I could have seen more of his personality shine through. I felt like he was too quiet and broody for me, not enough to keep me entertained. His situation is not something I would wish upon my greatest enemy and although I do not agree with most of his decisions, I still respect him for them.
This book had me smiling a lot but I was expecting so much more from it. The trailer for the movie made it out to be something that it wasn’t and I’ll keep the ‘what’ to myself due to spoilers. In the end, let’s just say I wasn’t a fan of the pacing, mainly. I wasn’t satisfied whatsoever when I reached the last page. Also, I saw many things coming a million miles away and added that corny factor into it.
The extra POV’s weren’t really necessary for me, with the exception of Will’s mother. Her POV was the first thing to make me cry. Her pain as a mother was excruciatingly evident. Seeing things from her perspective was utterly heart-breaking. Her having to bear the weight that was inflicted upon her and her family… My heart went out to her the most.
Now, the main thing that knocked off that last star for me wasn’t anything about the book itself, but the community. The hype has been surreal and as hard as the readers were trying not to spoil the outcome directly, they were providing ’emotional hints’ instead that were completely and irritatingly obvious. I saw right through them and already knew how this book was going to end before the book was even in my hands. Because of those ‘hints’, I couldn’t make myself care about the outcome as much as I would have if it were a complete surprise.
After that epilogue, I decided that I won’t be reading the sequel to this. I’m fine with the way things wrapped up in this one and have no interest in any more of this story.

4/5 stars


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