Review: Curses & Ash by Tiffany Daune


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This is the long-awaited sequel to Coral & Bone and I have to say, it didn’t disappoint!
It took me a while to get through this book because I was battling one of the worst reading slumps I’ve ever been in. It lasted about two months and it was torture. It wasn’t this book’s fault at all, my mind just couldn’t focus on reading when all it wanted was to go out and socialize. Thankfully, I seem to be leaving that slump behind so I made myself sit still and finish this book. And now I have mixed emotions over finishing it so soon after my slump. I’m happy that I now know what adventures this book encompasses but I’m also restless because it ended.
From the second his character was introduced, I’ve been wanting to dig deeper into Asair’s past like no other… and I got my wish!!! We get to see more of Asair that had me begging for this book to never end just so I can see more. I don’t think I will ever be sated where he’s concerned. I feel like he’s one of the most well-thought out characters in this series. In my opinion, he outshone everybody. And I’m not complaining because I love him to pieces. I also ship him with a particular character so hard. I will not name her due to spoilers (her gender is all you get). Let’s just say, Tiffany, you have made me believe the chemistry between them to my very core and I’m so happy!!! They are so perfect and adorable together. I want them to end up together so bad and I will not accept another outcome!
Ezra’s character development was pretty amazing and took me by surprise. It was also insanely heart-breaking and it was difficult to swallow it all. I loved this guy since book one and I can’t believe the things he went through in this book.
There were some things that were pretty predictable but that last third of the book was absolutely captivating. I couldn’t even blink because I was so enthralled with everything that was going on. It definitely made up for how long it took me to get there and I need more!!
The reason why I couldn’t give this 4 stars was because Halen, our main character, was pretty irritating for the first half of the book. She didn’t make this journey easy for me and I wanted to tell her to keep her emotions in check too many times to count. She was impulsive and it wasn’t fun to watch. She definitely started to redeem herself with that last third of the book because I didn’t catch myself getting irritated at her anymore. In the contrary, I started to root for her.
Also, I want to point out that Tiffany KNOWS how to end a book in the best possible way. That cliffhanger made my heart hurt and I couldn’t help but tear up. I’m not happy with how things left off and I just hope the next installment doesn’t break my heart. I don’t know if I can make it another year of waiting to see what happens next!
I’m already having Asair withdrawals…

3.5 stars


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