Review: If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo


*I won an ARC of this book from Goodreads giveaways*
Ever since I read the premise for this book, I was a goner. I had never read anything like it or close to it and I was super excited to see how things like these were executed.
This book follows a transgender character by the name of Amanda. She was born as an Andrew and never felt comfortable in her skin as a boy. We meet her after she had gone through her surgery. After some problems in her hometown, she moves in with her dad to escape it all and that’s where everything starts. She goes to a new school, meets new friends, there’s a guy she’s interested in, and more.
Off the bat, I was excited for nothing else but the romance and how it was going to play out with Amanda’s unique situation. The romance is what I always look forward to in a book and sadly, this book could’ve done without it. I can’t believe I’m saying that but it’s true, at least for me. I wasn’t a fan of how anything went down between the two of them. If I’m not a fan of how the ‘relationship’ starts, I will most likely never be a fan of it. That was the case here. I felt like it was too insta-love and I couldn’t get on board with it, no matter how hard I tried. Especially since the guy didn’t impress me whatsoever. And since a lot of this book was focuses on it, it didn’t make reading it a fun experience.
This book was very cliche at times and it was told in alternative present and past experiences. I didn’t believe some of the things that happened, besides the romance. I felt like I didn’t have enough ‘evidence’ in order to believe them, so I just set them aside and let it go.
With that said, I was a huge fan of everything else. The 3 stars I’m giving it are because of the non-romance aspects. I loved being in Amanda’s mind and following along as the situations with those around her changed, for the best or for the worst. I loved her relationship with her mother and I absolutely loved the friends she made at her new school as well. I felt happy for Amanda for finally finding the people she should’ve been surrounded with from the start. The ending was a a pretty proud moment for Amanda and I approved 100%. All in all, I enjoyed this book a lot. It’s not a favorite, but it also wasn’t terrible. I need to read more books with a similar premise asap!

3/5 stars


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