Review: Keeper of Secrets by Stephanie Kneese


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This story follows Avalon, a character who has lost her parents and is now living with her aunt. Her life changes drastically in many ways.
From the start, I noticed that there was little to no description of the surroundings. All I was reading was dialogue but I felt like I was a flailing reader. I couldn’t grasp onto anything in order to imagine the characters in it. This was a huge problem for me throughout the entire book. A few things were described but when they were, it wasn’t enough.
I felt like this book was many times predictable and awfully corny. The internal dialogue was too juvenile for me and some of the dialogue didn’t even fit the characters’ age. Some things happened so suddenly and so unnecessarily, with no foreshadowing, that it was hard to wrap my head around. In most cases, the story could’ve done better without them.
Also, there was an epic overuse of the word ‘friend’ that got old really quickly. I only mentioned it because it ruined most of the reading experience for me. It was one of the things that were completely unnecessary. I felt the timeline was too rushed and just… weird. It was hard to keep up with and the scene transitions were too harsh, not at all smooth. I didn’t connect to any of the characters and that’s the main reason that made me give this book such a low rating.
Now, to end this in a positive note: This book held my attention enough that I managed to finish it in one day.

2.5/5 stars.


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