Review: Under Ground by Alice Rachel


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This was the first book I’ve read by Alice and it was okay for the most part. In this world, the women have no rights and are basically only good for marriage and breeding. Men have all the power and it was really awful to witness.
I had quite a few issues with this book. I didn’t connect to any of the characters and I wasn’t a fan of the main character. I sympathized with her due to some of the things that happened to her but other than that, I didn’t like her. I felt her to be too impulsive and she did/said things that didn’t match to who she was supposed to be. They were so out of character that I just waited for her to be done before continuing to read seriously. Also, for a person that grew up in this society, she still had A LOT to learn about it and I just would’ve liked her to be a little less naive.
The writing didn’t flow most of the time and the dialogue we actually managed to get out of the characters was so over the top that it wasn’t believable. I felt like a bunch of the characters acted the same as others and there wasn’t anything distinguishing them from each other. The plot line was predictable to me and a lot of the scenes were just awkward to witness, not in a funny way. Also, the emotions every character felt were so easily read that it wasn’t okay with me. The main character seemed to know exactly what everybody was feeling and why they were feeling it and honestly, it could’ve been better if it were told in the 3rd person. Many of the characters acted so immature that I found myself disliking characters that I liked in the beginning. That also goes to the ones that were supposed to be ‘adults’. They didn’t act their age and it bothered me to no end.
Now for the positive comments: I absolutely loved the pace of the relationship between the main character and the guy who isn’t her fiance. Sure, they think they’re in love a little too soon but if I forgot about that detail, I was happy with it all. They didn’t get physical the first second they were able to and I loved that. It was respectful and it was sweet to witness. Another thing I liked was that the story wasn’t rough to get through. I couldn’t stop reading even after all my complaints, and that’s a plus. I also loved the development between the main character and her mom. It made me proud for them and I was grateful their relationship went the way it did.

3/5 stars.



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