ARC Review: You Know Me Well by Nina LaCour and David Levithan!


*ARC provided by St. Martins Press in exchange for an honest review*
“I want a fresh start. I would fight for that fresh start. But I also want it to be a continuation.”
This book was equal parts heartbreaking and heartwarming. The story follows Mark and Kate, two lgbt characters, during the entirety of Pride Week in San Francisco. Both of them are struggling with love and finding what their hearts want. Honestly, I grew attached to them almost immediately.
Mark is struggling with feelings towards his best friend and Kate has feelings for a girl she’s never met before but has heard a lot about. I really loved witnessing both of their character developments. Even though I wanted a completely different ending for one of them, I was still unbelievably proud of how they handled their situations. My heart was regularly swelling with pain and pride throughout the entire thing. I seriously loved them together. Not as a couple, but as the best friends that they were definitely meant to be. I loved how their friendship was as genuine as they came. There were many struggle along the way but they still managed to be there for each other when the people in their lives couldn’t be.
This story’s told in alternative point of views and the writing was super easy to get through. I read it in one sitting but it was still deep and emotional. This story was full of laughs, happy tears, sad tears, and everything in between. Also, the humor was fantastic and fresh. I kept laughing out loud and I loved ever minute of it. This book’s absolutely perfect for getting out of a slump.
“I would fight for him. In fact, I would tear through rubble with my bare hands to get to him. I would lift cars. I would wrestle down anyone who said we shouldn’t be together. Because if you want to know the truth- if you really want to know the truth- none of that could be nearly as hard as being in love with him and not be able to tell anyone about it.”

Expected publication: June 7

4.5 stars!

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