COVER REVEAL: The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova!


Title: The Alchemists of Loom

Series: The Loom Saga (Book One)

Release Date: January 10, 2017

Cover Designer: Nick D. Grey


Her vengeance. His vision.

Ari lost everything she once loved when the Five Guilds’ resistance fell to the Dragon King. Now, she uses her unparalleled gift for clockwork machinery in tandem with notoriously unscrupulous morals to contribute to a thriving underground organ market. There isn’t a place on Loom that is secure from the engineer turned thief, and her magical talents are sold to the highest bidder as long as the job defies their Dragon oppressors.


Cvareh would do anything to see his sister usurp the Dragon King and sit on the throne. His family’s house has endured the shame of being the lowest rung in the Dragons’ society for far too long. The Alchemist Guild, down on Loom, may just hold the key to putting his kin in power, if Cvareh can get to them before the Dragon King’s assassins.

When Ari stumbles upon a wounded Cvareh, she sees an opportunity to slaughter an enemy and make a profit off his corpse. But the Dragon sees an opportunity to navigate Loom with the best person to get him where he wants to go.


He offers her the one thing Ari can’t refuse: A wish of her greatest desire, if she brings him to the Alchemists of Loom.

The cover of The Alchemists of Loom:




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COVER REVEAL: Duality by J. Kowallis!


Title: Duality by J. Kowallis
(The Enertia Trials, #3)
Publication date: November 18th 2016
Genres: Dystopian, New Adult



Trust No One.
In this world, nothing is as it seems . . .

Reggie’s visions turn to horrifying hallucinations. For weeks she’s tortured with starvation and nightmares that vex her resolve. Her only companion is a mysterious shadow—a figure with no shape, no substance—that seems to have a mind of its own. It’s a presence that prickles her memories and plants a feeling of familiar dread in her mind.
Where she is, she doesn’t know, and the organization delving into her mind is more threatening than ever before.

With the help of shady contacts from his past, Nate struggles to travel half way around the world, facing his own demons and dreadful revelations. But when a stranger joins the team, the duality of this newcomer’s actions sets everyone on edge, leading them through a trial one of them . . . will not survive.

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J. Kowallis, the only girl of four children, grew up in northern Utah with a head full of wild stories (most often unreal). At the age of 9, she wrote her first poem, a dedication to E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. It was so intriguing, her third grade teacher requested to keep the original. Between living in various fictional worlds, and spending time on her studies, she managed to graduate from Weber State University’s creative writing program. She now lives in Utah with her Mini Schnauzer, Etta, and spends most of her time still bouncing between this world and the fantastical while enjoying delectable über-dark chocolate and lavender baths. She enjoys dreaming about, flying to, and writing about distant lands (real or unreal).


My review/s for this author:

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Review: Yesterday’s Half Truths by Carey Heywood!


*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*
This is the 7th book I’ve read by Carey and I have yet to read a book by her that I don’t like. Her characters are always so realistic that they help me forget about my world and that is always a welcome escape.
This book follows Lindsay, a fashion blogger, and Luke, a personal trainer, as their lives collide and sparks fly. These two were amazing to watch as a couple. The pace of their relationship was fantastic and fulfilling. It was far from instalove and I can’t say how grateful I am for that. They got to know each other professionally at first and then personally. I loved witnessing every second of it. I was a bit hesitant to believe feelings were running amok in the beginning since it felt too soon to label anything but as soon as their relationship started to pick up, I forgot all about my doubts.
It took me a while to like Lindsay in the beginning. Some of the things she said/thought in the beginning rubbed me the wrong way and her maturity was in question because of it. But, thankfully, as the story went on, I became more and more attached to her. She’s going through self-image issues which is, unfortunately, something a lot of us can relate to. She became an inspiration to me and I desperately needed that right now. This book inspired me to change my lifestyle and I will give it my all because of Lindsay and the results I witnessed. I was incredibly proud of how far she’s come from the beginning of the story to the end. She had me tearing up from all of the positive feelings she left me with.
Luke is the best guy and he stole my heart from the very beginning. He cares deeply for his clients and it always showed. He’s kind, patient, understating, and selfless. He’s a looker but his tremendous heart was what took my breath away and my heart hurt. He was always there to help Lindsay when she felt down without a moment’s hesitation. He took it upon himself to help out since that’s the way he’s always done things. His displays of affection were as breathtaking as he and it made me feel jealous of Lindsay being able to communicate with him and not me.
One thing that was never in question about these two was their passion for what they did for a living, and each other. They gave their all, no matter what got in their way and I couldn’t have been happier with them as a couple. This book gave me so many happy feels and it was a treat to see the main characters from ‘The Other Side of Someday’ in passing as well.
The only comment I have to make was that I would’ve loved to witness more conversations between the two before their relationship picked up. I also felt like the relationship was a little uneven. One of them seemed to lift up the other more times than the other way around. These were just slight feelings that evaporated as soon as I felt them. They didn’t impact the love and appreciation I now have for this story. I can’t wait to read more by Carey!

4/5 stars!

COVER REVEAL: The Destined by E.J. Mellow!

Title: The Destined (Book 3 in The Dreamland Series)
Author: E.J. Mellow
Publication Date: October 17th, 2016
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“I searched for you in the stars tonight.
But I found none
that burned as bright as you.”
—Part of a letter from Dev to Molly
The Destined_cover_blog

With the loss of Terra’s greatest weapon, the war against darkness escalates rapidly, and time is on no one’s side. While Dev struggles to keep his home and hope alive, Molly and Rae find themselves forced to confront a desperately kept secret and quickly learn that a life-altering sacrifice is the asking price to restore order.

Nightmares, betrayal, the fate of two worlds, and one man’s hunger for vengeance lead Molly down a twisted and dark path she fears she might never come back from. Cornered into making a heart-wrenching decision, Molly teeters between deliverance and damnation. Who is worth saving most—a nation or the one she loves?

In this breathtaking conclusion of The Dreamland Series, The Destined will take you on a spine-tingling and gripping ride through self-sacrifice, the true power of love, and the importance of friendship.



E.J. Mellow is the Award Winning Author behind the NA Contemporary Fantasy, The Dreamland Series. When she’s not busy moonlighting in the realm of make-believe, she can be found doodling, buried in a book (usually this one), or playing video games.

Residing in New York City, E.J. is a member of Romance Writers of America and is currently working on the third book in her trilogy.

You can find her on:


ARC Review: Where Love Lies by Julie Cohen!


US expected publication: August 9, 2016

*ARC provided by St. Martin’s Griffin in exchange for an honest review*
I can’t rate this book. 5 measly stars is not, and will never, be enough to capture the overwhelming love and appreciation I have for this novel and this author now. This novel has become one of the most amazing books I’ve read in my entire lifetime and I will never tire of recommending it.
This story follows Felicity, a woman happily married to a man named Quinn. They live in a small town and their marriage has been comfortable at best. But one day, everything is thrown up in the air the moment she smells a scent that takes her back to when she was deeply in love with someone else: Ewan.
The story follows all 3 and their journey as they try to fight for a love they can’t explain. This is one of the most intense love triangles I’ve had the pleasure of reading about and my tears can testify to that. I wanted the best for all of them but in different ways.
Felicity’s has always been dealing with more than meets the eye. She’s a writer and seems to be late for everything. We follow her as she makes the decision to dwell in the past no matter what consequences arise in the present.
Quinn was my favorite character in this entire story, hands down. He’s incredible in so many ways and he didn’t deserve the things he had to deal with. My heart broke for him time and time again… 98% of my tears were for him. He’s patient to a fault and likes to be early everywhere he goes. He’s also kind, loving, sweet, thoughtful, and his point of views were the most heart-felt of them all. I was beyond protective of him and it was torture to keep reading while I witnessed his heart break.
Ewan has changed completely from the man Felicity used to know but their encounter proves extremely necessary for many reasons.
The stories between all 3 of them ended better than I could’ve imagined them myself. I found myself laughing from immense relief in the end. I thought the story wasn’t going to go my way but it definitely did!
All of these characters managed to steal my heart and make me root for each one of them in the end. One of them I didn’t like in the beginning, but I finished the story loving her… Okay, yes, it was Felicity. She managed to make me change my opinion of her and I always love when that happens. She made the best decision she could make out of the situation she was going through and for that, I’m immensely proud of her.
In the past, I’ve read books that have destroyed me but the stories usually end completely different than what I wanted them to. But this wasn’t the case here and I’m forever grateful to Julie. Jesus Christ. This story was ten times the heartbreak but in the end, it was all worth it. All because the author reached into my soul, and gave me what I most wanted out of the story. I was left raw and exposed by the end but also complete and proud.
Julie’s talent with words was magnificent. It pulled every single heart string my heart had to give and it was one of the most intense roller coasters of my life. I spent almost the entire story in tears. Fair warning, just have tissues at hand. Whenever I had to put the book down to do simple daily tasks, I couldn’t get the characters out of my head. I felt like a drug addict while my fingers itched to crack the spine again. I started having withdrawals the second my eyes strayed from the page and it was torture. So, it comes as no surprise that I finished this book in little over a day.
This story took so many tragic twists and beautiful turns that I never saw coming. The moment we find out the meaning behind the title was so perfect and powerful that it felt like a tremendous punch to the heart. There’s nothing I love more than the perfect title and Julie gives us that.
I still can’t wrap my head around how much these (almost) 400 pages made me cry. I wouldn’t believe it but since I was doing all of the crying, I have to take my word for it. I loved how the way Julie writes makes you crawl deep within the character’s hearts and witness their raw emotions. It enables you to sympathize to their feelings and feel as they do.
It’s not often when I read a book that makes me fall in love with reading all over again but this one managed to do that and so much more. The fact that we get a glimpse to the inspiration behind the story was an added bonus. This was one of the most unique and stunning love stories I’ve ever read. Julie has become one of my favorite authors of all time because of it. I can’t wait to read more of what she has to offer.

Infinity/5 stars!

UNBOXING: Go Indie Now! June Box!


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This month, I received one of the most awe-mazing boxes ever from Go Indie Now!

It recently went through a change and it has a new look. Now Ashley includes everything possible in order to transport you to a 4D mental vacation! Each item appeals to one of your senses and it definitely pays off with every unboxing. This concept is one of the most spectacular and unique ones I’ve ever heard of and I have no complaints on this end.

June box’s genre was Historical Fiction and it included the following items:

The book included was Davenport House by Marie Silk!


Davenport House is the first book in a family saga that follows the wealthy Davenport family and their servants in 1915 America.

Mary Davenport is a 22-year-old idealist who worries that the world in the Progressive Era is leaving her behind. She lives isolated in the Pennsylvania countryside with her affluent and secretive family. When her father dies suddenly, Mary becomes pained with grief and increasingly suspicious of those around her.

A humble servant girl has the chance of a lifetime to become a lady’s companion. Costly dresses, exquisite rooms, and fine dinners are pleasant distractions from what is really happening in the house.

With the book came a personalized bonus content packet that includes a letter from the creator, Ashley, and an exclusive interview with the author! There is also a post card listing all of the items!

To see:


Ashley included a print that ties in to the book that she made herself.

To taste and hear:


To Taste: Ashley included a Victorian recipe for Molasses Crinkles

To hear: Ashley included a YouTube playlist that you can listen to while reading particular sections of the book.

To smell:


Ashley decided to make one of my all time favorite items ever (I have a lot of favorites in this box, so please bare with me while I call them all my favorites.) a permanent item in her box. She’s now including a scent pack every month and it’s so exciting!!

This month she chose the ‘Tea Party’ scent pack from [Adventure Scents] and I can’t stress enough how AMAZING it smells. To this day, I’m still smelling it at least once a day. It’s really no wonder why it’s one of my favorites.

To touch:


Ashley included a Victorian Cameo brooch! This beautiful piece calls out to my soul because it is now going with my collection of cameos! I love everything and anything Victorian and this month’s box more than appealed to that side of me. Of course, it’s one of my favorite items in this box as well!

Some other items that were included were a fan


a handmade bookmark by Ashley!

I really love how you can tell how much personal touch, effort, and time she puts into every box. You’re not just getting spectacular items, but you’re also receiving a piece of the creator and I think that’s really important.


And last but definitely not least, she included a bonus gift for her reps. Since I am one, she sent me this SPECTACULAR and JAW-DROPPING necklace!!! I hate that you can’t see the hearts that replace my eyes every time I look at this beauty to let you know how much I have fallen in love with it!!! I have many obsessions, but one of the first ones that has been with me since I was a little girl was my obsession for Egyptian Mythology. (Fun Fact: I dressed up as Cleopatra for Halloween once.) Nobody really knows this about me except for my immediate family so imagine my surprise when I open this cute little white box and this beautiful eye is starting up at me… I freaked out big time and I may have screamed as well. Tears were definitely present. I loved it that much. It reminded me of my childhood and my undying love for Egyptian Mythology so I will treasure it always. I have an incredible and emotional attachment to it already and it means so much that Ashley thought to gift me this. She managed to read my mind (and heart) and I’m super grateful for that fact.

Ashley and this box are beyond words. They give me so many feels and everybody needs to subscribe to it ASAP!


Why subscribe? Besides to own all of the amazing items that are included?

-This box supports Indie Authors and spreads the word about authors that you may not have heard of.

 -10% of all the proceedings go to Knitted Knockers

-It ships Worldwide!!

-Many more amazing boxes are going to come out that appeals to different audiences so nobody’s excluded!

-You can get 10% off your subscription if you use my code: CRYPT10!

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Review: After Hours by Claire Kennedy


This book was definitely one that I recommend to those who are in a slump. I was in one and I couldn’t put it down. I read it in one sitting and it was entertaining to read.
This book takes place in a cafe where the employees have to be a part of a game of dares, ‘Tips’, that seems to be a form of passage in the town it’s in. Employees have to participate or they will find themselves without a job. This story was full of humor, drama, betrayal, and everything in between.
When I found out that this book was told in 4 different point of views, I was a little intimidated. I thought I wouldn’t get the characters straight in my head but the story soon proved me wrong. I was looking forward to each of their stories and I loved how everybody got what they deserved in the end. Be it a punishment or a happy ending.
I would have given this book more stars if I had actually connected on an emotional level to any of the characters. I enjoyed reading their backstories and how they overcame the secrets they each had but I didn’t fall in love with any of them. I would definitely read other books Claire comes out with in the future though!

3/5 stars!